Best Golf Lesson I’ve Ever Had ¦ EP2

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PHASE 1 – EPISODE 2. In this episode Harry Flower heads up to Minchinhampton Golf Club for his first lesson in 5 years with Ex European Tour Player and Top Golf Coach Stewart Little. Working on movement and positioning through impact. After this we head to the driving range to try and ingrain all of these feelings. Great Episode and a must watch.




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Nick Hough says:

Harry, welcome to the world of deliberate practice and stepping up to the REAL challenge of becoming a pro – 1000s of hours of practice! Yes it will need 1000s of hours I’m afraid. But, don’t worry – Talent is a myth – read the book Bounce for real inspiration – or any other book about deliberate practice and what it takes to become world class. You CAN do it.
The 'feel' issue (and not being able to describe/vocalise what you're doing) is called Expert Induced Amnesia (read the book). It's a result of years swinging and hitting the golf ball and achieving results without thinking about it as an explicit movement. Your swing is intrinsic – you just do it. (as a result of hitting 1000s of shots over your teenage years). Now, here's the problem – breaking that pattern requires you to add extrinsic thoughts into your swing, and these take hours and hours (probably 1000s) to mould into ‘intrinsic’ movements – you also have to make sure the new moves are not altering other parts of the swing – which they do, hence you need to do more practice! Remember ‘feel is not real’ especially when progressing toward new anatomical moves to achieve better impact. All of the parts of the jigsaw need to match up, and that may NOT come quickly – hip/pelvis changes in the swing ultimately lead to many hosel rockets, but persevere and work harder!
Your coach seems to have a great plan – lower body work is the key to a great long game, and the transition and leg/pelvis work comes first in all great swings – GG swing tips – George Gankas is another coach who really has this concept nailed (and I’m working hard on this stuff! But, the practice required to break your current (pelvis firing open first – without a dip/squat) transition is going to be a HUGE challenge. I wish you all the best and your young age should make changes easier for your brain to implement into action. One bit of advice I can give is – do loads of mirror practice without a club – 10 mins here, 10 mins there every day, plus your range work – it’s the only way to cement those new transition moves into place and never ignore flexibility – the tour pros are like gymnasts! Good luck Harry – BTW, I’m no pro (and don’t profess to be one) but 5 years of commitment to get produce ‘tour grade’ golf mechanics has taught me a great deal about the graft required to become truly great – I think I’m about 4000hrs into the 10000hrs process! Lots of work (and shanks) ahead of me, and you – all the best!

DanTuber says:

Have you ever had lessons with Crossfield?

Golfanwalt says:

are you going George Gankas style now and rotate through the ball like crazy?

David Marchant says:

I’ve only had a few lessons with Stuart a couple of years back due to the distance he is away ( I live in Cumbria now )
Always found him very knowledgeable and has a lovely manner when teaching. Very patient and it inspires confidence when you see your coach hitting balls like he does.
Watching this video put back some great memories of my lessons with him .
Great guy !!

cafedeltransit says:

Cracking Vid H..
Reminds me off a Sean Foley swing.
What’s the reasoning behind the alignment stick on the angle…?
Hope Gary’s ok with your divots..????

John Hue says:

Bubba Watson does not flip he is a drive holder through impact with a stable square club face.

Sean Hunt says:

He's learnt a punch shot 🙁

Xdezswaq says:

This is a great video Harry. Really enjoyed the coaching content ?

brandon ilsley says:

Stuart Little ???

CWGame Z says:

That sandwich looked rank.

Ryan says:

Your Video editing/production is amazing. Your boy Wiltshire needs pointers from ya. 🙂

Alfred Blank says:

Good luck for this journey!?

James Adcock says:

White bread isn't good for ya just saying

michael hake says:

What coach sits down during a lesson!? No good

Mark Sheehan says:

Is the trip to Spain with James?!

Mark Sheehan says:

My coach teaches the same swing with the theory being swinging that way less can go wrong! The Tommy Fleetwood swing!

Morgan Cross says:

Definitely one of the best things he could have had you working on. All that old snappy leg, standing up/gaining height, flippy hands stuff was causing all those thin shots, inconsistent shape, and distance control issues, not to mention difficulty playing any kind of consistent cut shot which you'll probably be able to do again now. Stick with it!

Suzy Florida says:

Good video and good golfing lesson. I particularly liked what Stewart said about what the right side of our body should be doing in the swing. I'm hoping that this will be great advertising for Stuart and that it will bring him more students and more money. Promoting him in this way certainly can't hurt and it's good for us because we get free lessons too!

Rocky Tango says:

woah…sick editing bro


Hey Harry have you seen this clip of Stuart – Rock solid golf swing – I bet he hits it straight! By the way I changed my name from fepeperth to flat earth perth in case you didn't realise

Josh Rich says:

Great Content Bruh keep up the good work.

Leo Denning says:

really awesome video. great editing. good luck to you in the future!

K4rN1v00L says:

goddamn harry that hip turn is looking mighty good boi so much more stable on your back swing as well quiet and smooth

wtfisindahaus says:

You need to check out a video by be better golf – he uses a VR headset with a slot cut open in the bottom so he can see the ball on the ground as well as the image in the headset – the image is connected to a down the line camera view which his coach is drawing lines over. So he can swing to a position, feel what it’s like and see live what he is doing. Pretty legit – not sure if anyone in the south east has one tho. Keep up the brilliant vids DAD!

Dakota Chestnut says:

Best change you could've made. You were always very flippy at impact. This change should help you tremendously.

Beach Fraser says:

Looking forward to your new clobber, manky Galvin balloon keks!! By the way you should tell us exactly what you are working on, looks a little "Fleetwoodesque"??? good luck, wo is the new sponsor?? TKMAXX ??? lol regards

Joakim Fredriksson says:

Changes looking cool keep grinding this and stick with it

trudge123 says:

Aw mate does this mean I can have your Galvins???

Topthecat says:

Really interesting stuff, hope it helps your game:)

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