Best golf swing | Setup vs. Impact

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My Setup 4 Impact® golf method makes it easier to hit any golf shot. Simply setting up on your impact plane and then swinging on one single plane makes the game easier. I customize the simple concept to fit each individual golfer regardless of age, flexibility, and natural ability. I will help you improve faster than any other way. I have worked over 35 years in developing this simple golf swing method which can help anybody play better golf quickly. Many do better their next time out. Because it is easier to repeat it is also easier on the body. Putting less stress on the back, hips, and knees.

Membership on lets you send me videos of your swing so that I can customize this simple concept to make learning even faster. I have a complete learning program on the website that you will not find here on Youtube, and am adding content regularly for my Platinum members. You can even participate in live sessions with me.

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If you want to learn the easiest way to swing a golf club which is also easier golf swing on the body then please visit I teach you how to setup, swing, and make impact on one single plane. There is also a free lesson series to get you started.

My online instructional program gives you access to my easy to follow step by step program which also allows you to send me videos through the free V1 golf app. Learn more at

Upcoming Schools will be using Video feedback plus FlightScope X3 shot analysis. Golf schools available in West Palm Beach, FL, Sanford, NC, Reading, PA, Cincinnati, OH, and Graeagle, CA. For more info on my upcoming golf schools visit

The Setup 4 Impact golf method can be fully customized to fit your own personal needs without the need for special golf clubs.

Kirk has taught golf for 35 years now. He has taught various golf methods including for Natural Golf Corporation, Single Axis golf, and the Graves Golf Academy. Kirk invented the Minimalist golf swing method which had you setup and swing on a single plane, which has evolved into his currently taught Setup 4 Impact swing which is the Ultimate golf swing because it is built to fit every golfer regardless of shape, size, age, or ability. The Setup4Impact golf swing very closely resembles the swing of Bryson DeChambeau who also sets up on his impact plane. Kirk's number one goal is to help you improve at golf.

Kirk Junge currently teaches his “Setup 4 Impact” swing full-time in West Palm Beach, Florida year round, as well as Cincinnati, Ohio, Reading, PA, and Sanford, NC a couple times per year. Other locations coming soon including California. More info at

You can also view some of my top golf swing videos at…

My method is the easiest golf swing on the body!! Fix your game today.

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The Incredible Aspie says:

Hey Kirk, what is your opinion of Manuel de la Torre’s teaching method?

ken edick says:

When you going to post new videos

Double Bogey King says:

Very good

Mr. D. says:

It does help if you're having trouble making finished contact. Or mis-hitting

Mike Castillo says:

Thoughts on this new motion analysis app? It’s pretty cool tech and I like it so far…

Bo Muzyk says:

Great video and instruction Kirk. I’ve been going between you and Todd Graves and I find your approach to be the most practical. I’m finally driving and striking the ball consistently. Now I just need to tidy up my chipping, pitching and putting.

Jim Papritan says:

Everytime I watch one of your videos, I learn something new.
This time when you put your trailing hand on the grip of the club your trailing elbow should be against or near your lower right side/hip.

Barry Hunnel says:

Are your grips oversized?
That’s a great way to hit nice shots!

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