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This video is about Best Golf Swing Takeaway Drill For Your Driver. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.




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Best Golf Swing Takeaway Drill For Your Driver:


How To Stop Rushing Your Downswing Drills:

5 Simple Golf Drills With Alignment Sticks:

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Scratch Golf Academy says:

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Allan Blair says:

Great drill Adam, just like all your tips & drills, definitely one of my favourite online golf coaches.
Thanks Allan.

Raymond Lum says:

Great, simply and clear instructions.

Neil Bailes says:

Hi Adam,  thank you for a great drill.  I have watched this many times as it is by far the best around. I have tried it at the range, could not go wrong.  So tomorrow I will take to the course.  I will let you Know the result.

David Sale says:

Does initiating the backswing by a smooth push away of the left shoulder, arm, and hand constitute an undesirable "placing" of the hands and club as referenced in this video? It would seem that initiating the take away in this manner would facilitate good timing as it would prevent a too early turn of the hips and allow the club, hands, arms, and body to reach the top at the same time–an essential to good timing that you reference on another video. Moreover, this would also assist in creating a good swing plane. Thanks so much, Adam, for your superb instructional videos!

MaxJoy Reif says:

Very helpful

Jack Mehoff says:

"One piece take away" to the top. Do this correctly, and you solve alot of down swing problems.

Gordon Wilson says:

Thanks for this video. I think this is something I can work on and actually feel where the hand and body should be. This is something I've struggled with all my life and the old habits are so hard to shake. After that first move with the laser beam feel, is there another feel you can suggest to get to the top of the backswing?
Thank you again.

Neil Graham says:

Lobe the videos! Got rid of my sclice finally. After more then a month of great driving all the sudden im drive knuckleballs 2 the left. I dont know what they call that, but I'm hoping to find the solution in another one of your videos

intelligence wisdom says:

The laser practice changed my game and seemed to fix my slice. Thanks Adam.

Michael Munin says:

Can this technique for the take away be used for irons or only for the driver?

Victor Perez Jr. says:

Great video Adam. How could I fix my angle of attack it is at 22 really do need your help?

Sergio Cohen says:

The drills apply for irons too!

Steve Polverini says:

That's what I needed Adam!

K Adler says:

Added to my golf favorites. Best take away lesson I have ever seen??

Seve Sellors says:

Great video Adam, any tips on keeping the backswing compact, I sometimes get the yips with my woods and overswing by getting to much arms/ hands rather than the big muscles.

paul dixon says:

Hi Adam
I tried your two-handed takeaway drill for the first time on Monday and scored 45 stableford points (gross 80) at my home course of Cottesmore G&CC, Sussex. On Tuesday I scored 38points in a qualifier and received a 0.3 handicap reduction and today, Wednesday, I scored 43 points (gross 82) at Woodcote Park GC, Surrey – a course I have never played before. Now have a driving accuracy of 76% and added 15 yards to my drives. Long may it continue – a great tip!!
Thank you

Lou Lou says:

Thank you for all you do mr. Bazaelgette you knocked 10 strokes off my game I started 4 months ago shooting 100-110 from 120-130 thanks bro???

John Krausse says:

????. That's all I got to say.


Great Stuff…Thank You!

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