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► Watch Golf Monthly Technical Writer Jake O'Reilly share his thoughts on the best GPS golf watches currently on the UK market, including the Garmin Approach S60, Bushnell Excel, SkyCaddie Linx GT and the GolfBuddy WTX, which each offer something a little bit different

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Russell Hawkins says:

Great review really helped. I'm going to get the garmin s60. Thanks

John jsmit says:

bought the S60 today , excited to play a round , ps good review


Sorry if I sound like a compete dumb ass but how do these watches work….I'm pretty tech savvy and don't really understand the tech. How would a watch know the distance to the flag at your local course….do you have to pre program it and what if you move to different tees?

Christopher Keeler says:

What are the multi sport functions like? I have the garmin 735xt and am tempted to trade up to the S60 and don't really want 2 watches.

Capa Crypto says:

Are these legal in Us,

Ray Farrell says:

Waiting for the Garmin X10. Looks really clean. $199.99 US and it’s just golf, no extras

Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs says:

R u guys goin to do a review of the latest handheld GPS! I don't like wearing a watch whilst playing.
I'm still rocking the garmin g5 approach which I love x

Howie Land says:

I'm still loving my Garmin S1 purchased in 2011. The only nit is it doesn't have a replaceable strap, but when the strap broke after 4 yrs, Garmin's excellent customer service replaced the whole watch for me.

Allan Kragh says:

Love my Garmin s 60. Nice to have a running watch and golf watch in one.

TheCabaxi says:

How much are the subscriptions for the extra data ? hazards, pin positions etc

Paul F Clark says:

No Shot scope V2??

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