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► Watch Golf Monthly Technical Editor Joel Tadman highlight his favourite laser rangfinders, including the Bushnell Tour V4 Shift, Bushnell Pro X2, Nikon 80 VR, Nikon 80i VR, Golf Buddy LR7 and Callaway 300 Pro

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Peter Cavellini says:

Sorry, but it’s cheating to me,and anyway, unless your a low handicapper with a consistent swing hitting your clubs known distances then it’s no use, Golf used to be played by judgement, what your Eyes and conditions on the Day, it’s a Toy at best….

Tech Savvy says:

Kind of lame to not even include the best one ever made. The Leupold.

Conor Dunne says:

Agree with you on the Bushnell Tour V4 shift. I own one and think it’s excellent. I had a Nikon previously and couldn’t rely on the information provided as I could never be sure I’d hit the flag. The Bushnell solved that and I’m extremely happy with the tour v4, it’s definitely improved my game. Great video too, thanks for sharing.

Jonah Mytro says:

Joel – Precision Pro Golf should be added to your next review. On par with the BUSHNELL and LEUPOLD but 30-50% lower pricing.
NX7 – Non SLOPE – $199
NX7 PRO – SLOPE – $249
2 year replacement warranty on all NX7 rangefinders

Station 2Station says:

Avoiding Bushnell and Leupold due to their support of the NRA in the US. Went Nikon.

Bill Malec says:

Got the Nikon a few years ago. Roughly $139 U.S. . Been awesome. Zero problems.

serendipityuk says:

So much waffling. Just get to the point.

Ek Chuah Studios says:

Not enough data for each unit. Need a view through the viewfinder.

P Rex says:

I chose the Leupold GX-2i3. Works very well, and compared to the Bushnell. The 5year warranty on the Luepold vs. a 2 year on the Bushnell, and a much more reasonable price point make it a bargain.

stepyourgameup playa says:

TecTecTec is MUCH cheaper and is just as accurate

Niall Church says:

The usual suspects here! Golf Monthly is obviously in cahoots with these brands! They nwver review the less well known brands!!…GM get a nice cut for giving them a good review!!

foxtrot789 says:

I wish someone would review rangefinders that aren't made specifically for golf… there's LOADS of rangefinders out there that for less than 150 USD. I don't need it to shake with stupid "pinseeker technology". I'll be able to tell it's ranging the pin by the big dip in distance as the crosshairs move over the only flag flying on a stick amongst the forest behind.

Michael Pasvantis says:

Agree w other comments, Leupold laser rangefinders are fantastic with the best warranty in the business.

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