Best of 2020: Drivers

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TG Test Pro Neil Wain and Equipment Editor Simon Daddow test and review the best drivers of 2020.

Can the Callaway Mavrik really improve accuracy? Is the TaylorMade SIM actually any faster? And why you really need to consider speed and attack angle to optimise driver distance in 2020.

We discuss it all, and show how all the best drivers of 2020 compare.

See the Ping ‘Optimal Launch and Spin chart' on our website here

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EL Pineo says:

There's no mention of the Titleist range even though their numbers are excellent. Is there something about them that precludes them from your suggestions? Shame driver selection has come to numbers and not feel, looks and sound! Great test, well done.

Matty says:

Great review… BUT what would have been great is if you had of added a list price of all drivers… looking at all those drivers IMO the Cleveland HB Launcher is a massive stand out how it performed & its actual buy price. Very underrated!

Da So says:

Wow what an effort! I can only imagine how many swings it took to generate those numbers.

Finn Lord says:

If you’re talking aerodynamics so much how come you haven’t tested the VEGA driver with airflow stabiliser? This aero system still holds the Guinness world record for carry I think!!

Rick Roche says:

Where can I find the Ping “Chart”? Please…

phweisser says:

Great work. About t=4m08s to 4m20s: But when it comes to statistics, i am interested in deviation, not averages. I.e. standard deviation (SD) or, even easier to understand, a 95% confidence intervall. E.g., this would indicate that 95% of identical shots with driver a would be between 260 and 280 yards long, while 95% of shots with driver b would be between 269 and 271. For left / right dispersion, it is not only interesting to know if 95% are within 40yds (+/-20 yds l/r) or within 15 yds, but also if the shot are equally dispersed within that intervall or if only few balls go far out and most are in the middle. Again, the SD is abstract, but comparable. Better to visualize could be a box plot, which shows the 50% of samples around the average, and each 25% above (or left) and below (right) average. If the middle box is small the club (or ball, whatever you test) is more accurate than if it was big.

Tommy Boyd says:

Would like a new driver but what do you do if you can’t afford custom fit

Stanley Oliver says:

Why on all of these tests is the obsession on ball speed and distance I would like to see more detail on dispersion. Are you better off 10 yards longer and in the trees or or 10 yards shorter but hitting more fairways?

Neebee Hayden says:

That ping chart is interesting. .. I've been using a 8.5 degree loft for years and it's the best for me

Mike Lytwyn says:

How do you rate the three driver options available with the Mavrik and who are they most suitable for?

Krisi Boren says:

swing ball speed is 150ish and i swing down a little, -2 right and so I need a loft of 11.1 or need my driver to launch out from the driver at 11.1?

Robert Trembicki says:

Great video guys, thanks for the analytical and objective approach to this test and in keeping with all of your comparison testing videos. Great stuff!

Mange Larsson says:

Very interesting test.

RFH552 says:

Thanks for taking the time and effort. Lot of great information and very well explained. Cheers.

Johnny Penso says:

Where is the data for Simon's shots?

Robert Salazar says:

You gents do your due diligence and find the right driver. I liked the ping chart it helps me see my spin ratio and expected results. thanks

Aart van der Molen says:

Saw printed version. Great test, with good drop off data. Unfortunately only geared at swing speeds for players like Neil (105+ mph). How will they compare for the senior golfer or those with driver swing speeds of only 75-85 mph ? or 85-95 mph ? Could you maybe do this in a subsequent driver 2020 test with another test golfer ?

Chasing Golf says:

some of these comments lol. This was a fantastic video with a crap ton of useful info. Thanks for taking the time to put it together. The best is to go get fitted but you are not going to test 25 driver heads when you get fitted. This narrows it down. It also helps those that don't get fitted. Good stuff

wannabegolfin24- 7 says:

I enjoy the comparisons. Viewers have to beware. I played the F9 now onto the Speedzone. The headweight of the Cobra are probably the lightest out of all the clubs tested. I had to switch the 2g weight in the back position to a 10g weight. When you factor in a counter balanced shaft and a midsize grip, this change becomes really important as the club becomes very backweighted. This changed transformed the club. The proper fitting will transform most of these clubs. Peace!

T Beck says:

I was checking out TXG and their data is much different on cobra. Can you tell us what is going on?

Carlos says:

I've watched hundreds of YouTube golf equipment reviews in the past 3 years since I decided to learn the game. Without question, your reviews are the unconditional best. They tell me exactly what I need to know in a concise and clear manner. THANK YOU!

Rob Klein says:

Subscribed! Great video. I currently play the ST190 and I’m considering the ST200 just for the forgiveness factor.

Ryan L says:

Mizuno sitting at 2nd and you guys literally can’t stop talking about TM and Calloway

The 2 biggest driver companies

Weird 😂😂😂😂

Steve T says:

G410 lst is the best driver by far no comparison in my opinion long fast and straight

Steve T says:

Umm aero dynamics has nothing to do with speed as all the driver are different Weights … aerodynamics has nothing to do with swing speed change compared to weight

noone says:

Oh no, I feel like I'm watching one of those alien movies where slowly but surely everyone gets infected and becomes a zombie. The Callaway pandemic has finally overtaken the the Today's Golfer studios! Repeat after me… Callaway is the best… Callaway is the best.. Callaway is the…

jhf125 says:

Great comparison review. I tested the Maverick SZ, Cobra Speedzone, TM SIM And SIM Max. The TM Max looked by far the best from the playing position in my opinion even better than the SIM. I too had similar results like you. The SIM Max with the Hzrdus Green gave me the best numbers overall. I went in thinking I would be buying the Cobra SZ or the Maverick SZ and ended up ordering the SIM Max with the Hzrdus Green which is a special order but no upcharge. I never thought I would have bought a Taylormade driver. BTW my club head speed average is around 108 mph.

malcolm coulson says:

Great informative video guys! Really enjoy the in-depth nature. Also, interesting to see how well the Wilson D7 did which at a price point a lot lower than the top of the range competitor models to only be 6 yards off 1st place is impressive! Also beats some top drivers in the process…

The Rookie Mistake says:

Great great test. Thanks for the effort.

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