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Papercutpostman says:

Tried the Scotty, Odyssey, Ping, and Cleveland. Cleveland killed all of them in terms of price-performance. The Scotty is a beauty but it does not perform as well as it looks (for me).

My OpenMind says:

Nice review.
The only solution it to try out lots of putters. Get fitted for your style of putting.

Plenty to choose from here.

fatlittleparasite says:

Al ooo min yum?

Putters For Sale says:

Very good reviews. Lots of great information here. I agree with you about the sightline on the new 2018 TaylorMade putters. They should have kept it on there. That's why I prefer the 2017 ones.

Sween Bean says:

What about RRP’s ???

Chuangyee Bock says:

You look like the turtle guy from Master of Disguise. Hmm

Wayne Swisher says:

The Cleveland , Huntington Beach putters are awesome. You should have included these putters. They were rated in Golf Digest as a top ten putter. Look at the #1 and #10 Huntington Beach. Thanks great review. Thanks

Naader Bajwa says:

£365! I remember the days when Camerons would retail for half that.

Sodthong says:

New putters don't make bad putters good …

Raymond Poublon says:

The Edel putter fitting proces is in my opinion a great way to find a putter that suits your eye and stroke. After the fitting proces the putter is build to suit you instead you perhaps adapting to suit the putter. And that for a price equal to (for example) an of the shelf Scotty. Love my custom made Edel putter.??

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