Best Shaft For The SLDR TaylorMade Driver

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Best Shaft For The SLDR TaylorMade Driver, Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru talks golf shafts and which one might suit the TaylorMade SLDR driver the most. This is another Q&A golf video from one of the internets most popular golf professionals. Play your best golf with Mark's simple and easy to understand golf videos.

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Alexsmoak808 says:

Mark crossfield. I have sldr driver. My wife wants one. She uses men’s
clubs cause she is taller that average girl. And she thinks she needs mens
club for everything. I dissagree.
What is difference between mens sldr, and womens? She is 20+ handicap. 

Emerald Rose says:

I have the new white slider and I love it except for the shaft it came
with. I had my shaft from my R11 retipped and that works a little better. I
also have the 3 wood and 4 rescue and same problem. Where can I try some
differant shafts that might work for me. I live in Steilacoom WA Zip 98388
I have a 7.2 index handicap. 

TXchadTX says:

agree with Mark. People get too wrapped up in shafts. And often get too
stiff a shaft 

Chris Walsh says:

I feel like he answers everyone else’s questions but mine. 

Strat TelePaul says:

I found the SLDR to feel harsh with both S and R stock shafts. The Jet
Speed feels nice in both stock shafts, but is a bit light for my taste. I
use PX 6.0 in my Callaway. In any case, lofting up did not provide any
benefit for me. Both went about the same distance as my Callaway and
dispersion was worse with TM. They are fine drivers, just not for me.

saintcruzin says:

There are huge differences in shafts, Mark hasn’t mention torque or flex
point, both BIG factors in ballflight. Yes, more torque and a softer shaft
is easier to draw. Steel torque in a graphite driver shaft is easier to
fade. One closes the face more easily. GET FITTED THE SHAFT MATTERS!

Jake Reddick says:

What shoes is mark wearing?

matthew hollis says:

Those shoes appear to be the new sketchers line. 

fullwerkes says:

Mark, PLEASE answer this question. I totally agree with everything you say
however surely the spin access in conjunction with the backspin will have
an effect? For example a shot with 2000rpm vs a shot with 2500rpm due to
shafts may make the ball draw more if that is the desired shot shape?

home0006 says:

I found getting the right shaft is crucial for this club. The stock shaft
didn’t do anything for me with this club. I saw no improvement at all over
my g25 that I’m playing now. However when we switched it out for the
lighter Matrix shaft that’s stock in the Jet Speed, the club really came
alive for me. I gained 4 more MPH and 10-15 yards 

Jason Alcock says:

A key point is also “where” the shaft bends. e.g. the Cleveland custom
shaft options have the standardised “International Flex Code” which shows
the measure flex at 4 different points. I tried shafts that were measured
to be similar overall stiffness, but had huge difference in the location of
flex points, and for me this had a huge difference in feel.

kaven audet says:

With the sldr you have a high flight with less spin what is great but when
you have the win in your face your flight is still high and the win will
make the ball spin for me I prefer a boring ball flight who fitt
for any condition ;0)

Bremblefly says:

What shoes are you wearing? They look spikeless…my favorite.

Muscat Vin says:

“It’s all about hitting the middle of the bat”. Thanks Mark, common sense!
I assume you are using the TP version? 

David Q says:

An important aspect to remember is that each company has a different
definition of each flex, and the variance between them. Depending on how
tight the factory tolerance, a stiff shaft can vary widely. There is no set
industry standard for shaft flex. It could be your were hitting clubs that
were closer toward the X flex. But as Mark said, it comes back to feel.

Steve Bradley says:

Are you going bowling? 

bigant29 says:

Shoes the shoes mark !!!!! ?????

David Eaton says:

Does swing speed affect shaft fitting more than stiffness?

Savlad says:

Like the shoes

GENO Dboy says:


oakcctrk says:

Mark did they provide you an after market shaft? The shaft weights for the
SLDR 460 head are 57 for normal and 77 for the TP. The 430 head comes
standard with a 65 gram shaft and a 77 gram tp. Or I’m wondering if there
are different specs for the UK version than here in America.

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