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► In this video, Golf Monthly Editor Mike Harris talks you through the top five stand bags on the market in 2020. Assessing areas like the styling, features and ease of use, he eventually picks his favourite so make sure you watch to the end to find out which model earns the crown of best stand bag 2020.

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Find out more about the featured Titleist golf balls used in this video

Find out more about the featured Titleist golf bag used in this video

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1212goose says:

No Ogio. Sad list.

james eadie says:

What happened to the Srixon 2020 tour bag best bag out …

Jack Vliet says:

Too bad theres no sun mountain in this.

Kboy1983 says:

Just got the Titleist bag. Worst divider system I've ever used. All my clubs get stuck & sometimes near impossible to put a club back in without forcing it. Very poor.

mlb shark says:

I have a titleist and it's pure garbage honestly, you can't tell the bag won't last long it's flimsy and week

Sensational Seb says:

The ping and TaylorMade didn't have straps for the legs because 1. It is for carrying only 2. It has to be as light as possible

John Weber says:

Nice review, but what the heck is a pound worth in US Dollars. Come on, you did say you were reviewing these from Orlando, Florida.

K K says:

Should I have 2 bags, a tour staff bag and a stand bag for practice or travel

mariocastillo813 says:

Just got the 2020 Callaway Fairway 14 and love it.

Team 7 Channel says:

My top flite bag completely fell apart after I played for 4 months

ichor20 says:

? I'll stick with my maxfli honors

Jeremy Smith says:

Surprised to see sun mountain h2no is not in your category 5 bags that you reviewed in this video sun mountain h2no wipe the floor with all these five bags that you have reviewed sun mountain bags at the best bags on the market

elb2018 says:

Got the titleist bag and it’s the worst bag I’ve ever had by a mile. No lighter than other bags I’ve tried and less storage. Club crowding like nothing else, won’t get me again

jon s. says:

No Sun Mountain? I would like to understand why not, I am in the market for a new bag and looking at Sun Mountain. I would never buy a Titleist bag again, have had 2 top of line stand ( expensive bags) in the past 4 years, broken zippers, snapped leg, and very hard to manipulate dual strap. The Titleist bag does have nice features ( pockets in particular ), but if the bag doesn't hold up it's not for me.

Heckler Koch says:

Sun mountain and Ogio I think are the best.

Zack Schefer says:

Stay away from taylormade stand bags.

Jim Thompson says:

No sun mountain?

Jon says:

Golf prices are getting ridiculous – new drivers for £450, good irons £800-£1000 and now bags for £230….when are these inflated prices going to stop

joseph bianco says:

The problem with most golf bags is you’re carrying around a big logo on your back. I don’t want to be a human billboard. If they want us to advertise for them they should pay us. A modest monthly stipend would be nice.

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