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► In this video, the Golf Monthly team test out the best golf balls you can buy for under $35 (£25) a dozen out on the golf course and report back on the pros and cons. We hope this test should help steer you in the best ball for your game and your budget because all the balls have subtle differences that might suit different types of player. So sit back, relax, and watch our rundown of the best value golf balls on the market in 2021.

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Nick says:

I do not recommend Taylor made soft response.

The cover tears up really fast. Specially with wedges

Paul McGee says:

Srixon soft feel are nice but seem to be getting more expensive.

Gregor McKinney says:

This must be the least scientific ball review ever. I know its Golf Monthly, but that was dog shite.

michael barber says:

kirkland for me great value for money

George Hunt says:

I tested the srixon soft feel, Kirkland ball, Callaway warbird and Titleist trufeel. Titleist trufeel was the best budget one for me

tim cole says:

Wilson D2 have a look at them

Grant Reid says:

You can get Ram Laser golf balls, 3 dozen for £28. Unfortunately no one seems to have heard of them as I cant find any reviews for them anywhere. Anyone ever tried them and what are your thoughts?

Robert Yoakum says:

Taylormade Tour Response for me.

Greg Marsell says:

Callaway Superhot…distance and bite around the green…love the green matte finish

Rob Goodwin-Davey says:

Inesis 900 and Titleist Tru-Feel for me. Really good value and performance. ???

Renaud Fouilleul says:

Vice. Inesis 900. Inesis 500 soft.

Nigel Francis says:

Played the Srixon Qstar tour ball but picked up the three piece Srixon trispeed from clubhouse golf and found them to be an excellent ball for £17 a dozen.

Bobby K says:

Price vs performance, it's tough to beat the Mizuno RB 566.

Edouard Kaeppelin says:

I use the Inesis 900 really like it ?

Gary Cumberland says:

Kirkland at $25 for 2 doz is an amazing performer. It seems a lot of people buy by brand recognition. Kirkland for me every day of the week

Tom says:

Under $35? Is this an American site?

François Desmoulins-Lebeault says:

Playing the Inesis tour 900. Yes, as Joel said it, it spins maybe a bit too much on irons and woods/driver to rival the Pro V1x for distance (the gap is really not massive, though). However I find it absolutely comparable for short game and I'm totally fine sacrificing a few yards on my irons shots if that means paying about half the price… Actually, in terms of feel and performance, I think that the best equivalent to the Inesis tour 900 might well be the Srixon Z-star xv, which, again, costs massively more.

Steve Perry says:

Would have been good to add other options like the Vice Pro. Very similar to the Pro V1. A second test with top 3 from this group and those mentioned in comments would be good to see.

Craig Sinclair says:

Snell MTB-X for me. Best ball ever.

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