Best & Worst Golf Moments

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gran flesh says:

i feel all of their pain.
Golf, hardest sport there is.this one more fun

ryan422423 says:

The bird taking ball hahaha!

Im Hov says:

I fucking looked up golf wang God dammit not this gay shit

Joseph Kessler says:

I’m new to golf. 1:10 explains why my friends play no gimmes, you got to
finish each put :)

Links Hospitality says:

With the US Open taking place here is a bit of light hearted viewing.

davejss says:

Would that be a birdie?

-TheFillion- says:

Golf is terrible.

Zachary Brown says:

sorry it wasn’t funny for me because I don’t know the first thing about

MyCaddyMaster says:

Best & Worst Golf Moments – YouTube Best & Worst Golf Moments

Rodney Holt Golf Coach says:

▶ Best & Worst Golf Moments – YouTube

MyCaddyMaster says:

Best & Worst Golf Moments – YouTube Best & Worst Golf Moments

Ashton Eastman says:

I like the last one drop in the water

David E says:

I get the goosebumps when I see the pros do those careless 5 putts.:)

astrid chalklen says:

next time I give it a go I’ll feel great no matter how I go!!! Birdie n


It is snowing and cold as can be. Flying to Vegas in a month to golf Bai
Hai and Desert Pines. Cannot Wait. Just watching golf makes me feel warm

aj guidotti says:

love the last one

Fantasy Sports Icon says:

Golf is a game of highs and lows

highlivingaruba says:

Lesbian porn intro?

EssHighlightReel says:

that last one

Kam Fitness says:

lool check out my video on my channel watch?v=ZKBocivFi_Q

jack clarke says:

this is shit

Sharon Fletcher says:

We feel your pain, and your joy

Ray Slim says:

I’m guessing you’re under 25 and that you probably like dubstep. It’s
ELO… you know, back when music was good…

golfswingexperts says:

This was very good! I liked the one with the bird carrying the golf ball
over the pond and dropping it.

Natural18 says:

the last one was very funny check out this one it’s better

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