Better Golf Ball Striking Starts with This Golden Visual (Vertical Line Swing)

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Learn more about the Vertical Line Golf Swing here:

In this golf lesson, we show you how to get better golf ball striking by
– getting the proper golf ball position for irons
– controlling the low point for your irons
– getting a more vertical line swing on your golf takeaway
– and how the 60/40 method golf setup can help you get proper pressure movement

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Dan Corun says:

Todd, I've played 4 rounds since the Vertical Swing, 60/40 (hip bump) and position vids and I'm hitting my irons better than I ever have. It's so simple and I haven't had to make a major overhaul to my swing. Thank you again.

Nathan Frisby says:

What can I do to make me shift my weight to my left leg, I find myself almost always shifting my weight back to the right foot at impact. It causes me to lose distance and hit high shots.

Peter Gaan says:

Subscribed to the 60/40 weight a bit ago from your vids. Compress the ball so much better and become a more consistent ball striker – thanks!

Golf Fam says:

Awesome. Back to basics. Easy to get caught up in 1000 different swing thoughts. Taking to the range today to get back on track!

Ken Kohl says:

Good suite of iron tips – thanks. I’ll put to use this afternoon.

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