Better Golf Chipping Short Game Lesson

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Better Golf Chipping Short Game Lesson with Mark Crossfield PGA AskGolfGuru. Mark talks about chip shots and short game skills to help you lower scores and play some better golf. Mark talks about using the bounce of the golf club for more consistent chip shots and closer short shots.

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geansai333 says:

need a new camera man

PeSonn says:

Hi Mark, I’ve just bought a 60 degree with a bounce of 14.. So quite high.
What do I have to bear in mind with this wedge? And what do I have to do
different than using a wedge with a lower bounce?
Thanks for your always helpful videos!

MDOY79 says:

Is it wise to use this method with very hard dried out surfaces.. I always
assumed the bounce works better with some soft grass to slide through?

Alon Raich says:

Mark, you’re a “golf hero”!
Would never have done it without you…
You are making golfing look so much!

vince guest says:

Those are pitches not chips….just saying.

Robin Piper says:

sense i started watching you video s my handicap has droped allot. 🙂 thank

Curtis Dufresne says:

Nice stuff, Mark. Interesting ideas delivered nicely.

sodthong says:

Great lesson Mark..

Gary Pederson says:

This really helped me. Thanks.

Dawson Elmore says:

Mark thanks for the lesson! Helped me alot short game has improved. Keep
making great vids!!!!

DealCaddie says:

Today’s Practice Tip provides an alternative approach to Chipping. Watch
and Learn!

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Mark Crossfield says:

Improve your golf Chipping with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru

admc8 says:

I believe it is necessary to fill the gap between your pitching wedge and
your sand iron. I use a PW, 52,56, and 60.

mrchilled says:

Are you serious? Just have a look at your other instructional video on
chipping: So which is it?
Have you really thought about this or is it more about yourtube hits? Your
information is completely conflicting.

Max Parker says:

it said a short game lesson not just chipping it can be pitching as well

David Schultz says:

this is a good method on hitting the feathered wedge shot and using the
club the way it was built.

LEMODEN08 says:

Will have to try this method. I have been having the pro menu of “sticking”
the club head, pw. Will try up to my 58* and use your technique. Thanks for
the tip.

Karl Brewer says:

Great video!

Jack Sean says:

mark can you do a pitching vid about 50 60yards

Matt Johnson says:

The Luke Donald school of chipping. Works very well from all lies as Mark
says. I like this technique.

finops11 says:

This is great for tight lies. It works great when i practice indoors on
carpet. But once i went outside and hit out of rough it doesnt work so
well, club gets caught up in the grass. Can you post a video or gimme a tip
on using this technique when in the rough. Tks again and great instruction.

Ken Phillips says:

That’s how we played chips 45 years ago!…great to se the old ways comming
back!…Nice one Mark!

MiniBlueDragon says:

Wedges often don’t require a full, hard shot so stock ‘Wedge Flex’ will be
ideal in terms of flex. The only thing that would be worth thinking about
is the weight of the shaft as a personal preference and/or the feel of the
same shaft throughout the set. I play DG S300’s in my MP-59’s but am happy
with Wedge Flex in my R12’s (GREAT wedge!) Also DG Spinner shafts
apparently have moisture issues (the insert rots) in our climate which is
why they’re not provided as stock.

Talthar says:

I use this technique a lot unless I want to put massive spin on the ball in
which case I do use more of a standard shot to take a divot and put more
spin on the ball but this is something everyone needs to use when chipping
and I need to use it more even in the bad lies, I use Mizuno R12 Wedges and
they are superb, I thought about the T-11s but the R12s are better for
flopping and higher shots (not so much full distance shots but I manage)
and they rely on the bounce, great tip Mark thanks!

ZY Lim says:

would one have to “hinge and hold” using this technique? or am I right to
say that this is basically like a very controlled iron shot?

marcelo bernardo says:

Hi Mark, love your golf instruction and club analysis videos! My Golftec
instructor showed me this chipping technique using the bounce last week.
The only thing he added was to have a very steep down swing(not sweeping)
and to “thump” the ground like a bunker shot. It takes some practice, but
once I got it, it’s a great shot to have.

snoball1 says:

GREAT tip and GREAT video! Keep them coming.

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