Big Interview: Gary Player

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Denny Law says:

BUT GARY……..HE DID have all those issues and problems and he brought EVERYONE of them on himself and because of that he'll never break Jacks records so what is with this "IF" stuff. You think Jack didn't have health issues along the way also, but he AND you, took care of themselves out of respect for the game and others where Eldridge had no respect for even his own wife and kids much less the game. All the players know he was a prick to everyone. Part of the trick to greatness is longevity like yourself, so give Jack even more credit.

Denny Law says:

My goodness, what a handsome young man this guy was as a kid. He's a great man for not only golf, but the world as well. May God bless him with good health. We both miss Mr. Palmer greatly.

Garrett Schupp says:

Tigers nagging injuries are a result from using steroids.

Moff's Autos says:

What a great man. He really talks sense and I believe he is absolutely right about Tiger.

Don Panda says:

Great interview with a true legend of the game. The best ambassador for the game.

KT says:

He's in his 80's and can shoot under his age, the only person in the world that can?

Andy M says:

Awwwww I love Mr Player.

John John says:

Legend of a man

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