Biggest questions for Tiger Woods in 2020 | Morning Drive | Golf Channel

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Morning Drive discusses the biggest questions they have for Tiger Woods ahead of 2020. #GolfChannel #PGA #MorningDrive
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Biggest questions for Tiger Woods in 2020 | Morning Drive | Golf Channel…


T Beck says:

Damron is a fool! Tiger still intimidates with his iron game. He will become one of the best senior golfers due to this and when he switches to the claw. Game Over! He will become the GOAT dorko damron!

T Beck says:

I am really interested in watching Tiger chase down the GOAT. 3 more PGA majors and 8 senior majors and he will be the measuring stick for all others. You can do it broham!

Joseph Design says:

Tiger Woods will win 3 majors this 2020? (you can come back to revisit this comment when it happened) maybe I've seen the future… Forrrrrrrrrrrrrre! ?️‍♂️⛳

Blake Walker says:

Tiger Woods will win the gold medal. This will be his only chance to complete at the Olympics. He wants it bad ?

Bantot Kontot says:

yo who the fuck care about the rest of the players, Mr Tiger woods is the only person that count, robert shut the fucked up alraedy justin thomas my ass

Eric Kdawg says:

No doubt in my mind if your playing near Tiger on top of leaderboard with him contending for the win they feel the pressure 100%

Michael Torres says:

Who the FUCK is this scumbag Robert Damron? How many PGA tournaments did he win during his time as a PGA player, to me every time I see or hear him, his ENVIOUSNESS and HATRED AURA towards Tiger Woods is so obvious!!! FU!!! Robert Damron another Chamblee in the making.

MexicanOnGames says:

I hope these idiots keep questioning Tiger so his fuel tank runs full and he can keep proving them wrong.

David Miller says:

do you think Tiger woods could break 100 pga tour wins be he ends his career

I Army says:

Biggest question of 2020 is when will you get some real news to report instead of guessing!
These freaks wrote tonk off last year an he proves all them wrong!!!
So sashhhhhh boys and just let history unfold

James Jefferson says:

Biggest question for me is if he will tee it up before he the PGA Championship. I think regardless of whether or not he defends at Augusta, I personally believe it’s crucial for him to stay sharp and avoid a letdown at the next major.

Ikaika Maleko says:

Damron is so jealous of Tiger its disgusting haha.

mehtaab boparai says:

Morning drive needs to stop or revamp the hosts completely, Anna Whiteley is the biggest waste of oxygen, the amount of nonsense she talks is directly responsible for global warming.

David bellinger says:

Sorry, but all of you experts on the panel do not know what motivates Tiger every time he tees it up. Study his history. Tiger 's motivation is not the field – but history. Did any of you panelist ever play against Tiger?

Ken Walt says:

Very poor and shallow analysis of the greatest golfer of all time.

Andrew Villanueva says:

Tiger woods will play hard every tournament. Tiger woods is only geared one way and that is to give it 110 percent.

Ken Walt says:

All of you were wrong stop it ???

Teressa Abbott says:

He's hitting his irons better than ever and he's Puttin real good what do you think's going to happen

JCR1992 says:

Why do people keep questioning Tiger? If he’s healthy he is going to win period. He just won wire to wire at zozo in a very good field and was the best player at the presidents cup. This is coming off winning the masters with possibly a bad knee? And the tour championship back at the end of 2018. It’s stupid as hell to question this man IF HEALTHY.

dttruman says:

There are a lot of people jumping on the Tiger Bandwagon, but I think Robert got it right. Tiger's body stiffens up way too frequently now, because of age and his many surgeries. Damon appears to be president of the Tiger Woods Club chapter at the Golf channel

Gregory Scott says:

Damron needs to go.

Jack Vanderpool says:

Tiger will play well when and where its warm. Period nowhere that's its cold

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