BILLY HORSCHEL challenged me to a match at Wentworth!

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Billy Horschel challenged me at the site of his BMW PGA Championship victory – Wentworth! Many thanks for BMW for helping organise this, make sure to check them out on Instagram: @bmw_golfsport

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Karl P says:

That was so much fun to watch. Billy looks to be a great guy and a good sport. Peter, you’re awesome and make me laugh!

Andrew Kibbee says:

“As we know three inches counts as a lot” 🤣🤣 well played Pete!!

renaissancesk says:

Round 3. FIGHT!!
The decider should be on a links course… Royal Liverpool perhaps before the next year’s Open?

A Q says:

What was Billy saying to Poults on the practice green? Any ideas (apart from, where do I buy some pants)?

Matthew Fischer says:

The match needs to be at a Manchester muni so Billy can experience true championship caliber greens.😀

Prima Facie says:

Billy H has just made another million fans in being a most humble sportsman.

S K says:

Billy is awesome. You guys rock.

Chip in4seven says:

Billy classy. Never in doubt really ⛳

Brady Adams says:

The Old Course at St Andrews. JCB. Driving range at Trafford. Don’t think it matters because it’ll be a great event. Fun video, gentlemen! Cheers!

Inviler says:

I love how cheeky these pair are when they get together lol. I couldn't stop laughing

Joel Peura says:

I’d watch but I don’t like billy. He’s been a bitch since the LIV guys made more money than him.

theniceneighbor says:

No putting…😐

Cameron Steel says:

Can’t believe Billy didn’t dish out more flack for that disgraceful cop out of a bunker shot after he missed the green!

Ricky Alton says:

Always thought of billy as being to serious. It’s good to see him when it looks like he’s having fun. Love these types of videos- and it’s great PR for showing the other sides of these pros. Thanks

Matt Gude says:

Great vid Fellas!

Borracho Conocido says:

Billy is cool be like billy👍

Joshua Blaha says:

Only watching because of billy

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