Blade vs Cavity Back irons with Sir Nick Faldo

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Sir Nick Faldo, hits Mizuno's three new JPX919 irons (and a TP-11 blade from 1990) on a launch monitor. See how a six time major champion goes about picking his next set of irons.

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christopher byrne says:

Blah blah balance, marketing mumbo jumbo. Cranking lofts. That's basically it

archiguitarchi says:

Sir Nick has beautiful tempo.

Bunker says:

So here's the interesting thing… nothing I say is interesting.

ewfnick says:

I still play the TP11, no wonder everyone sails past me if I am hitting a 7 iron and other are hitting 9!

SearchBucket2 says:

Just a bloody marketing video in which these self-interested tossers try to tell us they've reinvented the wheel.
Within two years they'll also say their "new" product is crap too.
They strengthen the loft and use stupid overrated launch monitors to tell new customers they hit the new irons further, which probably dupes lots of one-dimensional dummies into coughing up several hundred for nothing radically different. The laptop and clipboard are m now mandatory bullshit. All they need now are white coats and some bullshit pseudo-scientific terms lol

Simon Hobden says:

My mate has a set of Taylormade CGB irons and his 7 iron is 29.5º. Insane. Good fun hitting a 7 iron about 200 yards though!

Phil Bentley says:

All you need to see is in the first couple of minutes. Nick Faldo correctly points out that the loft is the only thing that is affecting the distance and spin, but the moron with the iPad is in full sales mode. ?

Robert Miller says:

I still hit MP-29's with Rifle 6.0's and can't seem to find a better club for me – 7-iron is around 168-174, ball-speed 118, but they are strong lofts as well. Most of the cast clubs and cavity backs I've tried are offsets, so I immediately hit them to the right 5 to 7 yards out of the box. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. I'm only wondering because I'm open to a set that might be easier to hit when there's a lot of time between rounds and I haven't played as much.

Kourtney says:

Faldo seems so uninterested. Kinda hard to watch him.

Chris Waller says:

Look at em kidding Nick's ass

Myles Chilton says:

Fearsome competitor in his day. Proper champion.

My OpenMind says:

I get the impression for Faldo it’s all about feel, quality of strike and flight and not about Trackman figures.

Neil Cameron says:

they are great looking irons both the mp 18s and these,no doubt

Neil Cameron says:

if its 1025 steel how can some bits be more dense?

VWRabbit2008 says:

Faldo is a douche

tungstentickler says:

Here you go nick hit this 6 iron with a 7 written on it and see how it goes further than your old 7 iron

sabr686 says:

Make the Tours in left hand!!! Stop estranging a significant percentage of your potential customers! I'd pony up for a set (maybe a mixed set) if you did, but now I'm on my way to Srixon for their 785's.

eddie brown says:

That Chris Voshall should win an Academy Award……every year he acts like the latest model is SO different than last years. It's forged metal, guys. But let's spend another 1000 bucks because this years forged metal club is different. Yeah, sure.

Stuart Pitcher says:

I believe that Jose Maria played TP9, Sandy played TP11 and Nick played TP19 which was a development of the Tommy Nakajima model. The first cavity model was TP 21 and Nick first became seriously involved with cavity backs with T Zoid.

Robert Barnett says:

It’s a shame that mizuno seem to just be trying to cash in like Taylor made did a few years ago. A golf club is just a lump of metal on the end of a shaft.the performance can’t possibly change since your last design. Ohh but you will get muppets to change there old jpx 900s in . Manufacturers are now bringing out clubs every five minutes to compensate for decline interest ans hope existing players will change every two years. Very sad.

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