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BLOCKS AND HOOKS GOLF LESSON, Mark Crossfield is talking hooks and blocks in todays golf Daily Vlog. Some simple and easy to follow golf tips for golfers who want to improve their golf swing. If you are struggling with your golf swing or your driver is missing fairways try some of these easy to follow golf tips for all golfers.

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Bobby S says:

yup, sounds like fred couples swing. strong grip, aim left, hard cut. soon as some of my self amputated thumb grows back, i am going to try it. thanks mark, really enjoyed this vid.

tigerbalm27 says:

Custom shop brahhhh!!!?

bosco0991 says:

Hi Mark, I play with a similar strong grip to the guy in the video. Its really interesting that you suggested focusing on a low/around followthrough as I have found this works well for me (through trial and error).

My question:
I have also found that if I aim my body slightly right of target and keep the face square (closed to my alignment), everything feels and goes much smoother. Shots go further. Its almost like im playing a straight pull.

My tendency is an OTT move and I find this setup brings more consistent results than focusing on a transition move (hip bump, drop right elbow/arms into the slot etc) to get the club inside. Is this any way to play golf? What are some of the problems that may arise from this?

Izmo Gizmo says:

What you like Ben Hogan high hands? and why Ben Hogan had high hands finnish position?

Devin Wright says:

My take on Tiger's MC at genesis is likely because he's trying to hit drives too hard that he can't control. He'll either find it in time or he should ease up and let McIlroy/Johnson be the new standalone driving kings. I think he'll go hard until he finds it–or maybe not and he'll continue in the same fashion. My two cents.

Kris-Erik Pedersen says:

Malaska golf teaches a more body friendly swing, and it is very effective. used it for a while and got me down from a 19 hcp to 15 very fast. 🙂

Douglas McCann says:

Missed the cut because there are too many good players out there that are in better game mode them he is. His C and D game not good enough to get by anymore. So far all he has only shown is a solid short game and even that was missing last week.

Tony Atkinson says:

I Don't have a custom shop putter but I think I will be saying it every time I hole out anyway. "custom my shop burh" sound all right

Bill Wallenstein says:

Tiger was inconsistent off the tee. The greens were tough on everyone except Bubba. Back to the flexibility issue; you have to be able to rotate. There are too many moving parts in a golf swing. To minimize the aches and pains we have to do an above average job of taking better care of our bodies with diet and exercise: I’m guilty and it’s on the top of my list for 2018

Jesper Åsenfors says:

I've done them all recently… headcover drill, lag drills etc. None of the worked a bit "as told by youtube professionals".

What made me hit longer, hit straighter and have more control over my swing was filming myself on the range for a couple of shots, see it in slowmo what I did and where the ball travelled. Trying to figure out how to fix it, also looking at more technically specific videos (most of them from you Mark!). Who would've know identifiying your problems and fixing them would help you strike better? :O 😀

Guess what. I still slice my driver, but now on command. I hit it straight or with a draw if I wish, at least 4/5 times. I'm taking divots after the ball most of the time. I'm hitting the ball 165-170 yards carry with my 7-iron (not bad for a 17 hcp I think). I get backspin with my wedges… Still f*cking horrible at putting though.

Gregory Lynn says:

Great Vid Bru. Sums me up very well, hooking less now I am turning better.

Andy Titcomb says:

You coming to the TPI in Oceanside? Great time of the year to visit, I work next door,we could grab lunch?

Mike Northern says:

Lets face it. Tiger is one of the greatest ever. No doubt. However he’s 42 now and being held together with screws. With age comes the lack of nerves, mobility and strength. He has lost all of these. As Nick Faldo, Peter Kostas and Brandel Chamblee comment which I agree Tiger is playing golf swing and is no longer just hitting it out there freely as he did during his heyday. Bottom line is he’s missing to many drives and just not hitting approach irons close enough. Ironically his putting and shots around the greens are pretty good. If he can hit a few more fairways and stop leaving nine irons short and right into bunkers he will make all the cuts and compete again. If not, the cut will be his new standard.

brian mahon says:

Spaghetti on toast! Add a few chilli flakes

Craig Patterson says:

Coffee? How about TIRE PRESSURE??!!

Michael Totten says:

He didn’t make enough birdies?

willanderson1983 says:

This was my swing 1 year ago. I chose to weaken the hell out of my grip and flatten the swing. Now I can feel the clubhead, much less effort to deliver. (And obviously because my strike is more consistently sweet, I'm hitting further too.)

BeachBow says:

Not enough birdies.


I blame TaylorMade for Tiger missing the cut… specifically I blame their poor marketing department… he won and won with Nike, misses the cut with TM… they must just be gutted, so many millions and he can't he can't hit their driver on the fairway once LOLOLOLOL.. one of the best drivers ever and they yell FORE every second hole…. good job TaylorMade

darryl richardson says:

Do you think Tiger is working to a plan where he builds up rounds slowly to help his recovery. Hes not been back that long, can he manage 4 rounds at this early stage. then play next week then the week after too. The man is being watched like a hawk if he pulls out of an event in the near future watch the press speculate if its the end of his playing days again.

Big Will says:

Hey Mark. Have you ever had a player open the face at address a little in order to manage the strong right hand? Or does that cause more issues than it helps?

Ross Fletcher says:

Custom shop

Raymond Yadusky says:

Tiger's driver swing is spastic. Believe me, I know spastic.

ShaamoneHeeHee says:

Best drills that helped me keep things very simple and consistent was
Grip, neutral grip with left thumb tight against the side of the hand. This stopped me over rotating the club face through impact
Swing, push takeaway with left hand to a natural finish at the top of the swing.
Top of transition, feel the weight of the head of the club fall behind you. It's impossible to swing over the top out to in if you do that. Feeling of the right shoulder rolling backwards rather than forwards.
Down swing, pull with the right hand , this stops the big flying right elbow and traps the elbow against my right side. It just gives me a consistent path to ball
Finally a feeling where I keep my left thumb on top of the club throughout the swing, again this stops me rotating the club face and stops me spinning off the shot on follow through.
Sounds alot but once you get the grip right all I think is push, drop, pull and it's improved my ball striking immensely

Tristan Sargeaunt says:

C u s t o m. S h o p.

Thomas Fitzgerald says:

My feeling is that he missed the cut because his score was too high. Not an expert though.

grumpy2159 says:

Tiger missed the cut because he hit too many shots?

Todd McNeal says:

Correction….modern golf$$$$$

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