Bob Toski Analysis of Tiger Woods’ Golf Swing.

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Bob Toski analyzes the golf swing of Tiger Woods.

We see the Tiger's swings from various angles and in slow motion.

First of all, great players swing well above waist. On the way down the lower body moves beautifully and on the way up the upper part of body works the most.

Look how perfectly Tiger Woods synchronizes and correlates. The width of stand supports the amount of force he needs to get the ball as fast and as far as possible.

His arms move lightning fast from left to right and his body even does not have to work that much to support his hands.

He correlates the upper and lower parts of body beautifly. His head moves slightly to the right and then it stops and starts turning as the club moves to the side of the body. He's paralel to the line where the ball is going to be shot. The position of club is parallel to top – to the line of play. He's got all leveraged.

Downswing is also perfect.

Hall of Fame golfer Buddy “The King of Clubs” Demling says Tiger is the best player in the world today. US Marine veteran Lukas Dwelly agrees.

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Ball Striker says:

“He’s a freak.”

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