Bobby Jones 1930 Open Championship – Royal Liverpool Golf Club, Hoylake

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This Movietone newsreel film captures the legendary Bobby Jones on his way to victory in the 1930 Open, a victory that would become the second leg of his Grand Slam – the winning in the same year of the Amateur and Open Championships of both Great Britain and the United States. Royal Liverpool Golf Club is the host of the 2014 Open Championship

It is an unusual piece of footage in that it has no commentary but does feature the voices and activities of the camera crew – which even seem to distract Jones on his backswing and trigger a withering stare from this greatest of champions. It just goes to show that playing under the added pressure of the world's media is not as recent a phenomenon as we might think.


MoneyMike42000 says:

awesome! Thanks for posting! 2 thumbs up.

balf1111117373 says:

just waiting for somebody to shout out GET IN THE HOLE

gmonkey808 says:

Fantastic. great post

sbamf says:

So happy that this footage survived

amlnet49 says:

Why does the presenter of the Claret Jug call it the “British Open
Championship”? I am aware that American TV called it the British Open until
2005, but I didn’t think that the Brits, especially those directly involved
with the R&A such as the presenter, would ever refer to the Open as the
“British Open”

God of War says:

0:17 apparently Tiger Woods wasn’t the only one to stop his swing midway
into it.

Mahavishnu80 says:

Possibly to distinguish between Scottish and British Opens. We say The Open.

evadwall says:

Fantastic historical footage. Thanks for posting this,

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