Brabazon Golf Course 18th & 10th Hole Challenge

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Brabazon Golf Course 18th & 10th Hole Challenge
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Eric Davis says:

Did you hard step your CFS shafts in your ping irons? With your clubhead
speed I can see these spinning on you a touch. Can you speak to these a
bit? Thanks

P-M Meiners says:

What a lovely shoot on the 18th. Well done!!!

Diego Diaz says:

Product launch ???

Titleist 915 ??? Hope so..

Jonbek says:

Finch got cock on the brain..

oskarfahlstrom says:

Where do you even find a 1 iron these days? Playing a scramble the other
weekend I got odd looks when I pulled out my 3 iron…

Sam Durward says:

Soft option rick

Gary Sherwin says:

+Rick Shiels PGA Golf Professional Manchester you need to get on tour bud!
Awesome golf…well, for those two holes anyway :-)

REDairsoft UK says:

a PGA rep gave you the clap (10:35)? What happens in the Bel-Air stays in
the Bel-Air boys….dont broadcast that to the world!

Andy Gordon says:

Good video. Pete, your over the top swing should be be perfect for the

Carl Broadbent says:

Aim for the cock with the bell on it. Classic.


Have missed the course vlogs, this one’s great!

Jack Edwards says:

Backspin with a driver?

Gary Sherwin says:

“Aim for the Rolex cock with the bell on it” haha! #lowblow

4192362 says:

Didn’t know maurice gibbs of bee gees played golf

Rick Shiels PGA says:

WATCH us take on the 18th & 10th Hole at The Brabazon at The Belfry with

MD 18undapar says:

1 iron Finchy ✌️

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