Brabazon Golf Course Quick Challenge Part 1

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Brabazon Golf Course Quick Challenge Part 1
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HeidisBrother says:

How are those Pumas treating you Rick?

TREXgameplay says:

Great video guys loved it and I love the look of the belfry funny enough
I’m going there in half term next week and a few videos back you were
saying if anyone has any suggestions on any golf courses to play then I
would suggest you play at Wanstead golf club it’s such a beautiful and
tricky course I’m a member there and I can’t get enough of that course its
amazing honestly you will not be disappointed please please consider
playing there and if you made a course vlog there that would be amazing.
Cheers and again great video guys

Tony Tanti says:

Cmon guys pick a different course…Mark Crossfield and the boys were here
a few weeks a go

Allan Butler says:

Hey Rick & Peter… Great vid, not getting out to play much these days so
watching your Vlog’s is a good replacement thanks! Is there any chance you
could do some vid’s on ‘Putting distance control’ its a big problem area
for me and cant find many tips on it must be a tricky one to teach?? 😉
Thanks again and keep it up.

LiteDon says:

What a golfshot What a playyaaa… #Winner! wth great shot (second first

Joshua Payne says:

Exceptional shot out of the trees! Having to stay low enough from the trees
and still carry the bunker was fun to watch. Love a player that’s not
afraid to take risk especially on camera.

Chris Longley says:

Rick and Pete, looks like you are using the ShotSaver SLR500 range finder
to get yardages??…any tips on trying to keep it steady when looking
through the eye-piece? cheers

James Littler says:

You should have filmed the whole process of them adding a new hole and
covering up the old one. I’ve never seen how they actually do that…I’ve
just turned into my dad.

AJ says:

Happy happy happy, another new course vlog! I’m still sweating my butt off
practicing in the sun in Austin TX, so I’m actually a little jealous of the
cool weather you’ve got now. 

TREXgameplay says:

And I fully understand that rick with your baby ivy and with you coaching
you haven’t got lots of time to play golf and make vlogs but if you could
play and make a vlog that would be amazing 

Iain M says:

Great video guys. Rick, how were your feet in the pumas?? 

van c says:

Great Vlog as always. It would be awesome if you start to review golf
balls starting with premium brands and models.


Dan says:

Yaaaas a course vlog

Still waiting for you to admit that youre sponsored by Under Armor

Lee Williams says:

mickelsonesque ala augusta that 2nd shot on the 16th !! Bravo

Rick Shiels PGA says:

Brabazon Golf Course Quick Challenge Part 1 with @PFGolfPro @TheBelfryHotel

Andy M says:

It is warm at the mo. Apparantly the uk winter will be bad.

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