Brad Faxon – Putting Instruction (The Stroke)

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sambhu sivalenka says:

I hate these fat grips that are common nowadays. The pistol grips were better to release the putter and feel better.

Yobana Rajthala says:

wow i will recommend this video to my brother .he like this.

Geoff Mangum says:

Pretty decent advice except for that last bit about a putter "has to" swing on an arc because it has a lie angle of 10+ degrees. That's not correct, as "the putter" doesn't move itself, and if the golfer attached to the putter moves shoulders, arms, hands in the thru-stroke VERTICALLY for half a foot or so, even the flattest lie-angle putter on earth moves dead straight. Try it. So the idea that "the putter has to" do anything is wrong, and a stroke that arcs to the inside thru impact is a "pull". And if you watch Faxon's stroke or especially Crenshaw's stroke past impact, the putter head is moving straight and slightly rising vertically above the aim line for at least half a foot past impact. Crenshaw's stroke stays online and rising for about a foot or more. The skill for this is "dead hands," "stand still", and don't rush the tempo of the stroke and instead let the momentum of the hands and putter follow their inherent straight path or at least learn to move deliberately on the same path thru impact.

Scott Rackley says:

He holds the course record at a nearby course, 61

Golf Clinic Scandinavia says:

Good stuff!

goodoldrebel8 says:

Putting is mostly about being able to line up your putt correctly and read the breaks. If I can't see the imaginary path of the ball, I know that I won't make the putt. This is where judgment takes over. 

Roger L says:

WOW…..Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to try it. Good bye yips.

John Gasser says:

The best is last path of the putter.

RollYourRock says:

There are several others that I uploaded a few years ago…

Just do a search… cheers!

Lester Dee Dilidili Pellos says:

Do you have anymore putting tips from Mr Faxon

RollYourRock says:

You're welcome my friend… cheers to you as well !

jodyreid236 says:

thank you for the videos great stuff cheers

RollYourRock says:

YES, Luke Donald would agree with you both… 😉

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