Brandt Snedeker: Putting Made Easy

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fradaja says:

That’s impressive

Peter Jackson says:

This putting stroke is better suited to the average, amateur player because they rely more on feel and natural hand eye coordination.
You only develop feel in the modern putting stroke through the practice and repetition that only tour pros and top amateurs can give.
I’ve switched to the pop stroke after watching Gary Player on the putting green at ST Andrews this year and my putting has improved immensely

Mark Ingram says:

A great putter.

Curtis Simpson says:

I have been putting with one hand for a while and had good success but then I would start to doubt it. Now I realize that I was doing the pop stroke with the one hand. Brandt showed that one hand practice at the end of this video. Now I understand that what I like about the one hand stroke is the feel and the pop. Now I will try and integrate my left hand and make same stroke. But I will continue to practice some with the one hand as I do have great feel for putting that way. Thanks Brandt. Nashville rocks. Win a major in 2019!

Big Dog Jr. says:

Impressive, most impressive, and he blows the modern approach to putting out of the water, cheers.

Golf Entee says:

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Thilo Graeber says:

Super Tip!!! It really makes putting so much more easy. I wish I would have done this 30 years ago!

Michael Sailors says:

Lol starts talking when the third ball is half way there = GANGSTA

rick24lb says:

Nice tips Brandt!

Eric Stenzel says:

Too technical, Brandt. Putting is 80% feel, 15% technique, and 5% luck.

GMHL Commissioner says:

like a boss.

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