Break 75 – Best Golf Experience in Thailand – Nikanti Golf Course is AMAZING

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I cannot recommend this course enough. Nikanti from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, you are treated like a baus. Absolutely marvellous manicuring, condition of the course , layout, views, caddies, price. Everything is just perfect on this property.




TonyM says:

Good round…those super short par 5s def helped lol

crypto maniac says:

1:371:42 "Caddie no good??" Lmao I love it…always kills me

Brian Coniguliaro says:

Carnoustie Hogan’s ally

David B says:

12:03 "joy is bmw." backwards

roboff says:

Where’s your mate from? Sounds like my neck of the woods. Cheers

DeKay Will says:

My wife says longer club harder…😮😮

Curtis Creason says:

Shorter clubs harder vs longer clubs easier. It really seems to depend on the day. When I'm hitting well shorter clubs harder.

Woozer Prime says:

or he picks 3 courses then you pick 3 courses

Woozer Prime says:

Yes I would like to see you play Shiels that would be great. I was born in the area he plays but Matt is changing the way I play. Thanks Three course challenge. Both pick a course. Lowest score of two courses combined gets to pick a third course.

Jeff Wheeler says:

12:45 Old man walks straight into the cart and bangs his head.. made me laugh

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