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Time to stop working on your golf swings and take on board this advice from PGA Golf Professional Mark Crossfield. Mark is giving you some simple golf cheats to help you try and lower your golf scores and break that 80 barrier. Learn tricks that great golfers are using all the time out on the golf course with their approach play to get those scores heading in the right direction. Comment down below if your approach play is a strength or weakness of your golf game.

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Dean Evans says:

I just want to break 80!!

Chris Pearson says:

Brilliant. Having just got my new shiny handicap of 11.7 from shooting 80 with four double bogeys 🤯 I am desperate to not go up and as desperate to shoot below 80. All of this will help me loads. Great stuff, what I wouldn't give for an on course lesson!!! A I've got a couple of kids kicking about if they're any good to you!!!!? ⛳👍

3chords says:

Question – is there any evidence that generally if you take an extra club to the distance you are trying to hit and hit a softer , more controlled shot then you hit more greens?

brituk1776 says:

Getting rid of “pin hunting” and using my CW “Crossy-Wedge” (chipper) has helped me break 80 a lot more over the last few months. Looking forward to apply the “rough hacks” on the course for next time.

Luke Murphy says:

I just want to break 80 (again). Great video, I’ve struggled this season and broken 80 way less than I did last year and this is the part of my game that has probably slipped off those most. Good thoughts, Mark!

Metalman 070 says:

33% for me. I am a 13.9 index

FlyRiverFly says:

Quit playing when you hit 79

Jess Moore says:

Review la graphite golf shafts and how they preform against Steele

Andy Blandford says:

I just want to break 80

Patts says:

Good tips Mark I’m gonna think about this during my competition this weekend because I’m going for two 80 rounds that’s my goal✊

Paul Elo says:

“I just want to break 80”

Calum Junior says:

“I just want to break 80”

Leemz Google says:

Golf is a funny game. I recently tied my best-ever score of +2 (72) at my local course and did so by only hitting 4 fairways. I did, however, still manage to hit 10 greens, which really helped quite a bit. Earlier in the year I shot my first-ever +2 (73) round at a different course. In that round I hit 7 fairways but coincidentally (or not) I also hit 10 greens. It's a small sample size but I'm assuming hitting more greens is more helpful than hitting more fairways. I tend to play conservatively. I try to avoid fairway bunkers at all cost. I find them much more difficult than green-side bunkers. I will also aim for the widest part of the fairway off the tee (even if it means hitting a 4 hybrid rather than a driver) and the middle or fattest part of the green, regardless of pin position. For reference, I'm 65 years old. I started taking lessons at age 60 and took 10 lessons per season for 3 seasons. Those lessons helped drop me from a handicap of 14 down to my current index of 4.6 (and I was as low as 3.2 a few weeks ago). I've had people tell me "you're too good to play so conservatively. you should be more aggressive." I respond by telling them I'm good BECAUSE I play conservatively not in spite of it. Yes, lessons have certainly helped me over these last few years but I think my best golf skill is still course management and really knowing how to think my way around a golf course.

Jay Silva says:

I'm a 10hcp. my approach numbers from 130-150 are ; 64% GIR. 17.6 left, 17.6 short. 0% long.

Brian McCool says:

35% as a 16.1hcp from 100-150yd (shot scope). I'm actually surprised it only goes up to 38% with a PW or GW in my hand.

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