BRILLIANT swing DRILL to help you RELEASE the clubhead for increased DISTANCE

If you are struggling to release the clubhead then practicing this drill will really help you. it's important that you try this on the range first to get the feeling. get this right and you will hit the ball further, straighter, and more consistently. Remember you can do this with all the clubs in your bag to improve your ball striking

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23 thoughts on “BRILLIANT swing DRILL to help you RELEASE the clubhead for increased DISTANCE

  1. Julian, brilliant drill. I was having difficulty releasing the club, practiced this and today shot an 82! Effortless swing with consistent ball striking. Thanks.

  2. Us old guys, we need help turning,” Trevino says. “If I drop my right foot back, it gets my leg out of the way so I can turn more….I don’t hit it that far anymore, but when I get that hip back, it helps.”………quote above is from Lee Trevino which follows on from my own success doing this after trying the practice drill.

  3. A wonderful message from one of the members of Proper Golfing
    Hi Julian! hope you’re doing well!

    Glad to report I shot my age today for the first time ever — 72.

    Long straight drives, solid irons, good bump and runs… and many good putts using the saw grip. Btw, an important contributor today was using la dance du golf in my pre-shot.. then identifying and keeping a specific tree or roof line in the distance in my minds eye prior to the swing. turn – weight shift- getting to the finish — Works great!
    best wishes!

    Your admiring student from Virginia,


  4. Seems a good way to encourage a draw shot ,so when you return to a slightly closed position, i.e. right foot back a bit,
    your drive on the golf course should be a draw. Julian makes it look easy but normal golfers MUST PRACTICE IT.
    PROBABLY A LOT OF PRACTICE. Certainly for me. Thank you Julian.

  5. Hi Julian I'm Steve and have found you and Brian on YouTube I've been playing golf with jim venetos swing for about a year after i had to give up using the traditional swing when my back got so bad but now my left hip is bad so today i used yours and Brian's swing i like it no pain but did pull the ball left a few times is that because my body stops and my arms pull the ball left cheers Steve

  6. Some years ago I purchased a DVD by AJ Bonar explaining his theory of the “Little Bat”. It dealt with the release you are promoting which included a final turnover of the hand similar to that of a baseball swing. You are one of few instructors showing this. Excellent instruction as always.????‍?

  7. Great drill. Love your lessons. You might want to check out Jim Flick Swing for a Lifetime. Has that drill and another sitting in a chair and hitting 3 wood to encourage release. The more things change the more they remain the same.

  8. Might sound a bit thick but what is releasing the club head? I swing the club or iron and hit the ball.. Is this why I don't hit the driver far and use my 3 hybrid instead?

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