British Junior Golf Tour – 2008 Grand Final, Celtic Manor

Highlights of the 2008 British Junior Golf Tour Grand Final held at Celtic Manor, home to the 2010 Ryder Cup, as featured on Sky Sports Golf Night.

20 thoughts on “British Junior Golf Tour – 2008 Grand Final, Celtic Manor

  1. @W68NOOB who the fuck cares. hes doing well. if your going to brag about
    something 1. do it where someone cares and 2 make it worth bragging about.
    im off 2 and im 14. and also im sorry for this comment on this great video
    i loved it. very good golfers out there. 🙂

  2. 1:57 – 2:08 The guy has just won!! Consceted kid looks all gloomy. I was
    happy when I won a qualifier at the Wee Wonders surely this should make him

  3. The kid that won is actually me, my name is Chris Evans … The kid I
    played in the play off was admirable, he played well, in truth I was
    bricking it under pressure, I have matured a lot since then and looking
    back is quite funny ! 🙂 … As I said, Chris Evans, check my you tube vids
    🙂 MegaDorset … Chow bella (good night in italian)

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