British Junior Golf Tour – 2008 Grand Final, Celtic Manor

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Highlights of the 2008 British Junior Golf Tour Grand Final held at Celtic Manor, home to the 2010 Ryder Cup, as featured on Sky Sports Golf Night.


Corncrops says:

@samjoe500 Wow! Good for him! Hopefully he can grow on his skills and
become a pro in the future!

alwen2008 says:

lol that lad in the black shirt acts well hard! lol….. good video though

Michael oestreich says:

i liked golf

Matthew McEwen says:

@W68NOOB who the fuck cares. hes doing well. if your going to brag about
something 1. do it where someone cares and 2 make it worth bragging about.
im off 2 and im 14. and also im sorry for this comment on this great video
i loved it. very good golfers out there. 🙂

Owain Davies says:

Very serious look on the eight handicapper!!lighten up

J ma says:

that little kid at the end is a jerk

iPingman says:

wow u seem reeeeeallllyyy good.. go on boy … where is ur video of ur
swing or smthn like that???

athleticgolftraining says:

Good to see lads! keep it up

Alex Lisowski says:

@FootballSongsUK ya only allowed 3 points of contact the guy laying down
gets a 2 stroke penalty lol

patterson9398 says:

1:57 – 2:08 The guy has just won!! Consceted kid looks all gloomy. I was
happy when I won a qualifier at the Wee Wonders surely this should make him

patterson9398 says:

1:01 – 1:03 guy tops it

athleticgolftraining says:

Great to see! Awesome golf course too.

Alex Lisowski says:

illegal move at 1:03 lol

swebs7 says:

how do you compete in these and what is the handicap limit?

Mark James says:

@fkjhgld Is it? haha

MegaDorset says:

Your son lost to me, im sure he did you proud, I look grumpy as shit cause
I was bricking it and was driven to win simples

MikeyJoJo6385 says:

do u play by the rules?

TeamHustle13 says:

thinking about doing this next year. not sure if i will be good enough tho

MegaDorset says:

The kid that won is actually me, my name is Chris Evans … The kid I
played in the play off was admirable, he played well, in truth I was
bricking it under pressure, I have matured a lot since then and looking
back is quite funny ! 🙂 … As I said, Chris Evans, check my you tube vids
🙂 MegaDorset … Chow bella (good night in italian)

patterson9398 says:

1:43 – 1:45 guy looks happy!!

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