Brooks Koepka 2018 PGA Championship complete final round

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S59 says:

guy has won 3 majors…DJ, JT, JDay, Adam Scott just one… just saying

Frisco Poenisch says:

PGA – the upload of these FULL rounds is unbelievable. Seeing how the players carry themselves between shots, the pace, the methodical attacking of a golf course, the good and the bad. It is a new perspective on rounds for the pros. Please do more full rounds like this!

bill ding says:

The announcers are repetitive, histrionic nitwits. Some really great golf from Koepka and Woods.

Derek K says:

I had no idea that Edward Norton was a professional caddie, good to see him out there!

ewconsulting4u says:

thank you for this full video. Fantastic.

stevebyers9672 says:

wish the ads would fuck off – i'll make an effort to never buy anything that is advertised or marketed and just end switching whatever i'm watching off – youtube is becoming a pointless system as its infested with marketing shit and i've had enough – fuck you youtube – your a bunch of fucking dickheads

On the verge of Vani11a says:

Actually This full video is absolutely amazing – Your a legend

On the verge of Vani11a says:

Thank you For the full video – Please keep these comming

sean f says:

3:43:13 the roars from Tiger's final birdie putt, just gives me goosebumps and chills. #GOAT

Andy Ouellette says:

Thank you for the videos

wreckim says:

Thanks for posting. Koepka played great…the best of the day really, it could have been much lower. However, boy does he make it look easy, but necessarily in a good way. His reactions are more as if he's winning a Tour event. He's missing out on Million$$.

Titleist Rules says:

Congrats to Brooks on another great win. It is Very very sad when 2nd (1st of the losers) gets more air time than the Winner.

Stephen Cooper says:

Thanks for this full round appreciated

e james says:

koepka was just goin' along .not doing much, while tiger kept charging up the leaderboard . Then brooks just tapped the gas pedal and left everybody in the dust. It happened so fast……I went to get a drink and it was all over before I got back.

Woden of the Angles says:

This guy and his buddy DJ could dominate golf for years to come…

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