Brooks Koepka’s final round highlights from 2018 PGA Championship

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Lord Marshal 7 says:

People saying he disrespected everything tapping in before adam. The fans, the media, and everyone disrespected him all day. Tiger tiger tiger. Blah. Brooks joins elite company with 3 before 28. Start the watch. Guy is good

Mr Pokiesmeister says:

dude looks jacked!

Ferrari458italia says:

It's a shame that Brooks didn't get the coverage that he deserved. Tiger's video has every shot that he hit in his final round where as Brooks, who won I might add, only has a few highlights. Maybe down the line we'll learn to keep a camera on other golfers even if Tiger is in the field.

Ray Campbell says:

This man looks like he should be playing linebacker in the NFL

Stephen Steelhead says:

Koepka is the future of golf. Tiger is yesterday's news.

REALITYobservationalist says:

I have a hard time taking a golfer seriously that wears joggers

Juan Colmenares says:

what a round! best in the field… it was fun watching Tiger go for it but this guy really earned his title

Michiel Bouwens says:

Does anyone know what the yellow ribbon on the caps means?

Joh p says:

so this is the guy who won hahaha

Daniel Madden says:

Brooks you just gave Tiger a tast for blood. Tiger needs game to hunt.

tomchoi74 says:

How can you not include the 345 yard bomb tee shot on the 17th par 5?!?!

e james says:


Michael Doyle says:

I had to google who won this one..too much hype on Tiger IMO

Ali A says:

Who is this winning dork?

O. G. says:

Tiger played like ass….he scored like the greatest to ever play.

Congrats to Brooks for bringing his A-game….good enough for a 1 stroke….

Thats the difference between someone on form and a legend.

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