Bryson DeChambeau tries to max out swing speed and tests drivers

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Seven-time PGA TOUR winner Bryson DeChambeau challenges himself to max out his swing speed with various irons and drivers from Cobra Golf. Using the latest RADSPEED drivers, he also shows how to control his trajectory, spin rate and shot shape.


Prior to the 2021 Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by Mastercard, Bryson DeChambeau tests various Cobra Golf drivers and challenges himself to set a swing speed personal record, Bryson joins Rickie Fowler and Jason Dufner to recreate Mr. Palmer’s driver off the deck on No. 18 and much more with host Teryn Gregson.

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Murray Bowden says:

You keep topping them like that BD you’ll throw your back out…

chandan gonnering says:

Wish PGA brought in Kyle Berkshire so they can see what long distance actually looks like. Kyles play driver is faster than Bryson’s full out swing.

Josh Waters says:

I can hit it 420……

rowen says:

makes jim furyk's swing look like a masterpiece. truthfully the ugliest swing ever on the tour

NS C says:

His vibe is so positive and energetic it's contagious

Ricky Rickardo says:

Soon he will max out his back and we will be watching someone else.

I’m Joking says:

Everyone loves a humble personality. That why everyone love Bryson……..

Bernard Samson says:

This is hilarious when you consider that he recently crapped on his Cobra driver, saying that it “sucked” because he couldn’t keep it in the fairway. The other guy in the video, Cobra’s Ben Schomin, responded by calling the comment stupid and hurtful. The happened at the British Open, after this video.

matttelz says:

@2:17 – More breathing and greater adrenaline for fight or flight…yea, I practice the same thing…just when I'm hitting my 8th shot in a fairway bunker…

Nick Judge Golf says:

It’s a shame that he hates his driver and it sucks.

Stephan Jepards says:

FYI the Cobra guy in this vid is the same guy who called Bryson out after his infantile “the driver sucks” comment at “the Open”. Ben Schomin is THE BAUWSSSSS!!!

Julian CA says:


Chris Hanstad says:

3:37 If that’s hard to do, consider me an expert

iamen73 says:

Nerd + roids + golf

freedomrules javier says:

went to Roger Dunn…pulled a demo Cobra driver. After 10-12 swings I hit it 275 on the simulator. Am 67 years old…have been doing some of Bryon's speed drills.

Rearden Steel says:


Spindrifter says:

Well when your 9 irons is 35 degrees it makes a difference.

Mopar Guy says:

Nobody will top JD for me.

Ethan Moreno says:

this guy is an animal

Greg Prince says:

2 wins on tour this year so far correct?

Greg Prince says:

2 wins on tour this year so far correct?

Connor Poindexter says:

I really don't like him lol

Ollie Crisp says:

Trust me, if I hit the draw driver I'd still slice it

Perry Shildrick says:

He's like an annoying child

Tyler Lauzon says:

"Ya was like 370"
Launch monitor: Ahemm. More like 300

Bryson is obviously doing this as a sponsor deal so he's gotta show off a little. If you look at his vlogs, he's not that annoying

William Walker says:

The way he talks about himself, I can understand why so many people don’t like him.

jared p says:

Bryson is the golf version of the guy at the gym who slams the weights and screams about how much he benchs🤣🤣

jorbjorb1 says:

215 with a 7 iron lmfao

A S says:

Sure on last major, I saw his driver carrying 320 maybe a bit more. Not this 345

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