Bryson DeChambeau vs. Brooks Koepka best soundbites

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Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka both have very different methods and mindsets when it comes to the game of golf. Check out some of their best and funniest soundbites in response to questions from the media during press conferences.


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Hunter White says:

“It’s fashion bro”😂😂

H says:

I see PGA Tour is licking its chops over this feud

Orakel Gottes says:

Brooks has more stable game .. Bryson's game is level to Brooks' but he might lose it suddenly

Ryan Hiemstra says:

i knew it was all a publicity stunt

Steven Jenkins says:

I miss The Masters in November.

Corek BleedingHollow says:

I can't wait to see this match.

Jumorist says:

Bryson just says a bunch of words

Laceh says:

Bryson is definitely my favorite, hyped to see what will happen

johnny zhou says:

this is by far my favorite video by the pga

SAM_i_SLAM says:

What is Nick Faldo doing at 1:50 lol

Ivan Padilla says:

Scott Kirkwood must resign from Monterey Peninsula country club. He has caused me and many of his coworkers mental anguish. If Scott’s family knew the extent of his behavior and how he treats his coworkers in the workplace they would be shocked and ashamed of him. He told me the reason why everyone is quitting MPCC is because they didn’t want to make the country club better. How delusional does that sound? He has a domineering personality and should never be in any position of power. He likes to be treated as a member. He makes his coworkers get his bag from the member bag room when he plays and he makes them clean his clubs after, then he wants his bag to be put away like if he’s a member. He doesn’t pay for a membership. The membership are his boss’. JJ West and Jennifer from HR have turned a blind eye towards his behavior, which makes them cowards and part of the problem for not doing the right thing. They would much rather sell more dog collars and more dog bowls than to have happy employees working there. Turnover rate is through the roof directly because of Scott.

Pulse2AM says:

You hit the ball you go get the ball and hit it again. I'm more a fan of Tiger's approach which is all feel, since there are so many variables on any given day, course.

Ricardo says:

I like Bryson he has such a unique and smart approach to the game I think it’s good for golf

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