Bryson DeChambeau's Pre-Shot Routine (with Subtitles)

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Inside the mind of “The Scientist” Bryson DeChambeau during his 2019 Omega Dubai Desert Classic win.


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John Marshall says:

This bloke took over two minutes to take an 8 foot putt (which he missed). These people are destroying the game

Yo Mama says:

IF he was a consistent winner, he might have something, otherwise he's just an attention seeking millenial.

gredangeo says:

Here I am merely guessing each shot. Or not even guessing, because half my shots aren't even relevant due to not being able to reach the green in the first place. My only goal is far as possible. lol.

bavondale says:

the bullshit of this is he doesn't do any of this while other people are hitting. he waits until it's his turn, then starts all this crap

The Carpenter says:

Its infuriating! ?
At that level you shouldnt need a big debate over the blueprints of your shot, it should be 2nd nature!

Aiden Rae says:

This is ridiculous

Beachie Boys says:

Brooks takes 15 seconds to look at it and then hits it… And hes already a major winner. This is a joke and this everything thats wrong with the game today.. Calculating in air density? What a fucking asshole. These liberal sports psychologists are ruining the game.

Reece Hudson says:

Painful ?

just sunny says:

@2:08 is the reason why this guy is nuts. Pull out that darn book for the last time for a 2 second glance at what exactly?

Sean Sunyoon says:

What’s the relative humidity in your pants?

Chalesberg CA says:

I bet this guy would do just as well, if not better, if he didn’t do all this bullshit before

Jason Miller says:

Shut the f up and hit the ball, that caddy is worse….geeeez

Silas Leeks says:

I had no idea he was this technical. Like Bruh. A²+B²=C².

Saints2 SuperBowl says:

Brooks Koepka disliked this video

reelkena says:

1 stroke penalty for time violation.

Kevin Beach says:

Imagine being his playing partner, thinking he’s ready to hit a shot, and the caddy turns to him and says “let’s talk about trajectory…”

Chris M says:

Should've taken more club chap

zak Sol says:

Faark this guy makes golf look boring ffs hit the dam thing.

southspade99 says:

Distance? Let's talk loft, gotta cut thru 8% bullshit, so 50? No I shaved my pubes, gimmie the p wedge, good with 6 run out.

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