Build My Bag Showdown | NEVER hit so many drives 320+ | TaylorMade SIM vs Titleist TS3

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In this video I face off the TaylorMade SIM against the Titleist TS3 in a Build My Bag showdown. I've never hit so many drives more than 320 yards!

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John Galloway says:

Wait till the sim 3 comes out Petes gonna b hitting it 400 yards by then and getting more excited than a crack ed on giro day??‍♂️??

ASG Rides says:

TaylorMades just feel like rocks!!

Benny Mckinney says:

Just got the cobra speed zone extreme at Christmas. With no warm up on the first tee at rolling green golf club I hit 286 carry total distance of 305. At four weeks away from my 64th birthday I’ll take that. Great video keep them coming.

Dustin Watts says:

Only an inferior ball striker would prefer a TM over Titleist.

myz06rocks says:

and yet, whenever i want to really crush a drive, i use my old Callaway Steelhead 9 degree and it never loses. HAHA

Matt Aamold says:

I own a Fitted TS3 and I was just fitting for a SIM. I feel the same way about the speed on of center hits with the SIM they just seem to go where the TS3 hit's that are off-center seems to … not go.

P. Johnny says:

TS3 is ballooning bad, sim is a monster just a different beast

Andrew Purnaveja says:

With either one of these two drivers + fitted aftermarket shaft, you probably hit the hell out of it!

Darren bell says:

Demoed the mavrik and sim drivers today against my ts3 and none of them got anywhere near the ts3. I was hoping i could put a new driver in the bag but not a chance the titleist will not be moved

Thomas Duke says:

nice video, but you don't account for the shaft creating spin issues on the Titleist????….gotta have the same shaft for a real comparison…IMO…

Trevor Humphries says:

I play a ts3 with a hzrdus t1100 65 6.5, its the best combo you'll hit, it'll beat the sim any day

Jeff Smith says:

Personally, I would go with what gives you confidence over the ball. I play the TS2, although I've tested the Maverick and SIM and both were fine, because the head shape gives me so much conviction over the ball.

Ben does everything says:

Anybody else totally rooting for the SIM

Steve Conlin says:

Ego!!!!! Talk about the clubs not how far you can hit them and most of them not straight!

John Bush says:

Just brought home the SIM. Got properly fitted and the SIM was the one for me. I read a lot of reviews, watched a lot of reviews and thought the Ping G410 or Cobra SZ extreme would be best for me. I thought the SIM would be the worst one for me. Boy was I wrong! Took it out and even my mishits we’re carrying past my usual total yards. I’m in love. 100mph draw is my swing. Miss is a hook. Cannot wait to take it out again!

Mark Sweeney says:

Just received my sim,so first outing tomorrow mate, same shaft as yours only stiff not x ?

JayB29 says:

spin shouldn't be above 1500rpm on drivers to me. 2000 and + is counter-productive. you can hit good carry distances but the roll is almost non existant. so for me a low loft + low spin rate is the best combo to hit long drives. the advantage of a low loftis that you can still adjust the angle of attack with the tee height and body positionning. where a strong loft + spinny drivers kinda limit what you can adjust. this is my understanding.

Malcolm King says:

Wow, you average longer than DJ Rory and Decham ! .

James Egan says:

Have moved to the SIM 9.0 with Hazardous Smoke Shaft (Xtra Stiff)

Kevin Wiltshire says:

"Only 305 yards", while us weekend warriors struggle to reach 250yds and keep it straight lol


Thank you for making an awesome video that helped me make a new driver decision myself. I had a very similar experience with a new driver just today. I had been using an older Taylormade Tour Burner and was still able to hit it quite well. Not anywhere near what you can hit but I was pleased with it. After having watched your video on the driver tests and also some others I decided to take the plunge and purchase last years M6 driver. I hit it today for the first time, and was absolutely shocked at the constant distance I was getting and how much straighter my off center shots were with the twist face and holy crap that speed injected foam is off the hook! I would say I consistently carried the ball 20-30 yards farther with the M6 than I ever have with my previous driver, in fact i don’t think i have ever averaged 230 + yards with any driver i have ever hit. I was fully ready to send it back if I didn’t see any noticeable gains but trust me the M6 is staying in the bag! Now i just need to get a new Winn Dri-tac intermediate grip installed due to my terrible arthritis and I feel like I will hit it even better and more consistent when I am holding the club with the level of grip I am used to.

tyler james says:

get out of that tensie blue x flex and up to a tx flex but better yet get an actual low spin shaft and you'll be able to loft up from 8*

Michael Tupper says:

Why not use same shafts for a true head to head (see what I did there?) ???
It's the wildcard variable, apples and oranges, HZRDUS and Tensei, Tensei and Diamana…
If this proves anything to me, it's that this game is so mental. Your perception of the SIM as the club to beat made it so. The only way to truly know mechanical performance is put them all on a robot machine that has same exact swing and not in love with one club over another.

Pär Lindhe says:

TS3 and staying with it! 🙂

LibsRcrazy says:

Titleist all day

Jon S says:

You need a different shaft in the ts3

Mr Golf Alot says:

Ping G410 is better….

Matthew Hempstock says:

Love the video Pete. Can’t believe how dominant the Sim was for you! I’ve just been fitted and the Ping G410 Plus came out on top for me! 9 degree loft in the Tour 65 Stiff shaft. Would love to hear your thoughts on this driver! I know Rick liked it! Great videos as always ????‍♂️??‍♂️

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