Build The Perfect Set Of Clubs….Using Only One Manufacturer!

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Build The Perfect Set Of Clubs….using only one manufacturer! In this week's Finch Weekly we look at how you would build a perfect set of clubs using only one manufacturer. This is based on a tweet from My Golf Spy and my recent sponsorship from Taylormade

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Mark Arbuthnot says:

Define perfect

Joachim Solheim says:

Nice video!
I have always used different brands of manufactorer in my bag
Have now bought a new custom fitted set of TM P790 irons 84g reg-flex 5-P
Taylormade M2 2017 driver
Titleist 915 3 wood
WIlson D300 7 wood
Ping G400 crossover 3iron
Have the Titleist SM6 50-54-58
Ping Sigma 2 ZB 2 putter
(Yes it is a lot of diffrent brands, hehe)

But Pete! who have said that quote? 🙂

Michael Steele says:

Nice advertisement

DoubleAlpha says:

A good golfer will be good with any clubs, it’s all about feel preference in my opinion

Iwan Bourton says:

If they were custom fit I think I could play a single manufacturer from quite a few. Probably all the main ones. I've got a very mixed bag, Ping drive, Callaway fairway, TM hybrids, Wishon irons, Cleveland wedges, Scotty putter and whatever back I find ?

David Nichols says:

Oh my god, sorry but this has now gone to far with the Taylor Made hard sell. Last year you raved about Bettinardi putters and Ping woods and how brilliant Cobra one length was. You have gone from being unbiased and honest to a Taylor Made lackie over night. No more watching your vlogs anymore.

Dan Carey says:

Shame, the TM adverts have started.

lorenzop says:

If I had to choose one manufacturer it would have to be titleist
TS3 Driver, 3 and 5
718 MB 4-P
SM7 52, 56, 60
SC Newport 2

Craig Chadburn says:

Pete here is a follow up question for you, if you had to choose a single club supplier what wouldn't you compromise on? For me it's feel therefore it has to be Mizuno irons and I will put up with all the other clubs to have feel.

Nicholas Haxthausen says:

Great vid. Again!

doug1lau1 says:

Possible, yeah, sure, there are plenty of guys I know that play a single suite, especially Titleist and Ping, but so far, that ain't me! I'm practically head to toe Mizuno, but I play a Callaway fairway, Miura and Honma wedges and a TM Spider putter. I could probably find a good alternative in a Mizuno fairway, but although I think Mizuno wedges are good, my Miura and Honma wedges are just hands down next-level. And if I really got to buy myself the perfect putter, I'm personally staring at a Bettinardi Queen B #8.

Andrew Christie says:

Pete, I enjoy your regular content, but…like TM, this is way too marketing heavy. I understand the enthusiasm but be careful for the PF brand going forward.

Steve Smith says:

Too bad your a T.M. spokesman now. Kinda sounded like a T.M. infomercial Peter.

paddy jones says:

I play a mixed set. Different brands has better strong points.

F9 driver
Titleist 818 h2 17 degree hybrid
Srixon Z u65 3 iron
Srixon z765 4-pw
Titleist sm7 50,54,58
Odyssey two ball o works
Bridgestone ball

Anders Christian Hald Pedersen says:

14 clubs, means 4 brands in contention yeah ? Callaway, Ping, Taylor Made and Titleist… yes for sure its possible to get a perfect set , I for one would go for Titleist every time, but – they can cover putter to driver, and have options through the bag

Mike Reed says:

It can work either way. All the manufacturers have good clubs that can be custom fit to any player. I knew a player once who had 14 different brand of clubs in his bag and played fine with them. I was a Ping guy until I tried the Mizuno irons and fell in love…but…the new G410 irons have been flirting with me. I am also looking for a better fairway wood and will try any brand to solve that problem.

Malcolm A. says:

My current WITB
Driver and 3 wood; TaylorMade
20 deg hybrid; Ping
#5 to PW; Srixon
50 deg wedge; Titliest
Putter; Odyssey in winter and Ping in summer
Bit of mix, eh…
Great vlog; very good discussion

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