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So I travel to my local American Golf to see if I can find any second hand bargains that are much cheaper than on Ebay and Facebook!

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jamie0193 says:

I rebuilt my bag mostly through American golf pre owned when I had it stolen a few years ago. Wedges, fairways and hybrids always cheap when sold pre owned there 👍🏼

Insight Fx says:

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Alex says:

Big up Ag Swindon

Cam Webb says:

Great video Simon! If ever you fancy coming back to Swindon, you’re more than welcome to play at Wrag Barn if you haven’t had the pleasure already

Tom Fleming says:

Big up Broome Manor, playing there tomorrow

Chris Gunn says:

Just had my clubs nicked out of my garage today and I’ve been buying 2nd hand clubs based on your advice so maybe this is the next step!

ShastaOrange says:

It's so weird to me that the biggest golf retailer in the U.K., the home of golf, is called "American Golf." And it has no locations here in America.

Simon Heaven says:

Info on eBay golf balls? Pearl grade etc

faster81 says:

Thanks for the heads up, just got an ex demo g410 5 wood for a steal compared to eBay prices at AG. Just got to not slice it now!

J Jones says:

So ima lefty and would buy that 3 wood right now lol

Robert May says:

Shame I didn't bump into you at Broom Manor! Next time you're in Swindon check out Tony Valentine golf. They're my Pro-Shop of choice.
When I break 100 i'll be in the market for my last, EVER set of clubs. Not sure what I'll get for my 'Peter Aliss Impact Balance' set though.

pete Kenny says:

LH golf gear has always been cheap imo lucky lefties…. eBay is bonkers Simon some people don't shop around and get lost in a bidding war it's crazy

chrishanssen1980 says:

I bought a real hodge podge of a set on Ebay 3 months ago and I think I got a great deal. They werent in stunning condition (infact a solid used) but I got a taylormade driver, 5 wood, mizuno irons, callaway sand wedge and 2 ball putter all for £89. The thing is it was advertised as the bag being the big things and the clubs coming as well. Basically I really do think the bargains are out there but you have to just type golf clubs and search. Google means any old fool (like me) can search for the price of a club and say its worth more. Anyhow thanks for the videos. THey are great fun!

MrUKCyclist says:

Did you ship out the lefty ping 5w? If not PM me 🙂

Stephen Lane says:

Went to my local American Golf today to buy a couple of shirts. Came away with a used Ping G410 fairway about £40 below ebay and Facebook prices.

DIY GUY says:

I live in America been to 48 states and never seen an AMERICAN GOLF

TSC says:

American Golf??? And just why don't we have British Golf here in the USA???

Mark Hilton says:

The American golf near me has a lovely picture aswell but if you go in you will see a couple of sets of clubs you wouldn’t give a fiver for has been like that for years if your after woods a no go 😂

ACES1993 says:

This is my local AG. Was only here 2 weeks ago. The pre owned was great about 6 months ago. Got raided now. Didn’t stop me getting a good deal on a new Rife Cart bag.

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