Byron Nelson & Ken Venturi ,Gary Player & Arnold Palmer Slow Motion Multi-Angles

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christoper james says:

Wow!.. Thank you.

stevemcgee99 says:

This is totally awesome.

ubb4me says:

Venturi was all class, always respectful of the greats that came before him. Thats why they all liked him.

mobydoug says:

Everyone talks about Arnold P's blacksmith forearms, but how about that huge back/shoulder turn? Obviously his flexible, muscular, back was vital to his power.

ant7797 says:

Just incredible……..SPEECHLESS!!!

stephen f says:

….But of course, if you live in the Tiger age, two-thirds of "fans" today think nobody could ever play a lick before Tiger showed everybody how, so just about _everybody_ in previous eras is underrated–including Nicklaus, Hogan, Jones, Nelson, et al. Everybody knows none of them could play before the "these guys are good" era.

stephen f says:

At the time, he wasn't underrated; people said he had the beauty and rhythm of Snead with the mechanical soundness of Hogan. Probably they did forget his promise too quickly, after he had to quit because of the carpal tunnel.

stephen f says:

You said it.

Ada Funnell says:

And a terrible announcer

jpsartrean says:

Beautfiul… I've always thought Venturi was a very under-rated ball striker.

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