California Vibes in New Zealand | NZ Ep 5

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Erik Anders Lang cruises to Mangawhai Golf Club with local pal Doug and stay at the beautiful Te Arai Lodge. It's been said this course is home to New Zealands most difficult par 4. Erik and Doug put that to the test as they tee it up on one of the most laid back tracks ever. Along the way the guys run into a lady who claims to have an astonishing 12 holes in one. Ace Cam! After a quick swim in the Pacific Ocean, Erik prepares himself for the next course: Tara Iti.

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Brandon Hoff says:

Wait, so u build up the toughest par 4 in the country and then don’t give it more than like 10 seconds of random shots without showing results??? Cmonnnn Erik!

Morokko Golf and culture with Carsten says:

Now that i've seen all your videos (in a row), my wife left me ! leaving me to sleep with my Golf clubs (finaly). Thank you Erik….

Jack Verberne says:

Doug seems like the kinda guy you wanna have a beer with

Golfnut Bruce says:

Men with lower back tattoo (trampstamp)… Wth!?

George Tattari says:

Pls tell us where we can get your golf bag

Mark Hoops says:

I swear Erik, I want your life. LOL
I'm too old to have it, but I sure do want it!πŸ˜Žβ›³πŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈπŸ˜

Zander Wylie says:

Love Wilson and Harding. Played Harding today

James Else says:

How does Stu’s tramp stamp not get a mention? πŸ˜†

Brendan Hanley says:

Wow cool dude

Adam Sikorski says:

Does he play 18 at all the courses or knock out a couple holes and move on?

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