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short game skills says:

callaway have served me well with woods over the years but that dosn't mean the irons are good too but i love the look more so ill go for it anyway

Gary Allen says:

The Callaway look's better to me.

Beau Allen says:

I wasn’t looking to change my MP25s irons but I watched this video last night and today went and tried the apex MB to see how high you were when you said they felt softer/better than the mizuno’s. I’m still in shock but your right, they felt noticeably better, especially when you use more than just the middle of the club face as most of us mortals do… 2 hours of testing every brand and model imaginable I shocked myself again when I picked the Callaway forged X as my new weapons. It was love at first swing though and you can’t help what the heart wants?

Harry Parkhouse says:

Performance over looks definitely. Looks matter but would rather a club that is better in performance.

mark davidson says:

big fan of Callaway glad they came out on top. Being able to draw and fade at will is a huge advantage and knowing you can have confidence in the club your using is paramount.

Shawn Gaspar says:

I hate to say it but yea callys are better, does anybody else think they look like mp68/69?

Jeff Brennan says:

People are getting WAY to butt hurt over the Callaway winning this review.  It's OK people…there are irons better than Mizuno's…lol.

Bickety Bam says:

Seems that tout pros disagree. Taking being paid to play a club out of the equation seems that most go with a Mizuno iron.

Hank Shuler says:

400 rpm is substantial, but i dont know if u can give it to callaway based on workability. I would LOVE to see the Apex MB versus the P730. Hopefully that happens one day. Thanks again for a great video Rick

Matthew McLoone says:

Just recently placed an order for the Apex MB's (direct from Callaway) I got them(3-pw)with standard specs with the exception of opting for GP tour velvet full cord grips….a 6 dollar per club upcharge. I had to pay sales tax since i live in CA where they are headquartered….and the grand total came to 1,473 US dollars. Pricey, but most co's were asking 1k per set for high end forged clubs 12 to 15 years ago! it's called inflation….so it's somthing we all have to consider as being the new normal. Still a great value when you see people spending 3k plus for just a one week vacation!

Jay Hartig says:

Rick: I think you should rethink your criteria for "workability" and "forgiveness". The test for workability should relate to control and where the ball lands. In this test you "awarded" the point to the Apex based on spin rate. Then, despite the fact MP18 spun less, implying less risk of sidespin dispersion, you awarded that category to Apex as well. Most manufacturers who seek forgiveness go to great lengths to reduce spin. If we review some prior videos, it looks to me that some intended fades went left and some draws to the right. Human error? …perhaps….maybe hit more shots for each intended flight and then measure actual offline distances to remove subjectivity….??? Cheers.

Ciaran Jones Golf says:

hey guys plz head over to my channel and subscribe even if u don't want to watch my videos. doing a vlog at the Open this year and some other clips also if u sub to me sub to rick he is outstanding

Otowngman says:

Can you review the Bombtech Irons? For a lot of people the price makes sense and there's no decent reviews on it on YouTube.

Emil Kroll says:

It looks like dispersion were tighter whit Mizuno. Thats, for me, mutch more important than 500 rpm…..

Chris Downing says:

I'd love to see a comparison test between a couple of hybrids compared to these. I've become a big fan of hybrids and was so happy with my new Titleist H1 23 degree one that I replaced my 5 iron with a 27! Boy, do I get the "That's a woman's club" comment so often – but I love the high and easy flight I get – it feels so easy to hit and fills me with confidence.

How about comparing the Apex with a low lofted H2 Titleist?

wes davis says:

Mizuno for me always

Ricky Rilveria says:

that callaway is MP-69 knockoff

stingraynz says:

With all the strong lofted irons on the market, I am wondering. What is the traditional loft of each iron? I have some Fly Z irons and these have really strong lofts and an welcome sweet spot. I would like to know that the traditional lofts should be in a set.

Matthew Stevens says:

Compare p730 vs apex mb

Kyle Everhart says:

Callaway. Have you ever heard of or saw the Ameican golf club company KZG. Please try to get ahold of them to see if you can test their Blades. They are great clubs.

buzzyrotenfels says:

i like the callaway as they come left handed i'm gone change from my srixon 765 to the callaway apex blade because i grew up on blades and like the workability of a blade more than a cavity back blade they are not as responsive as a true blade

ZolaLegend25CFC says:

Can u add dispersion to the test i dont really care how far a 7 iron goes

Lee c says:

mizuno all the way, samurai vs a bowie !

Juho Nieminen says:

Nice, but I need the Cobra F8 one lenght hybrid review asap.

MrMannydac says:

They are so similar that looks would have to sway your decision.
Mizuno all the way. I just need 2 things;A. 800 quid
B. To be half decent at golf!

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