Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver Tested by 13 Handicapper

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Ben Hoganblades says:

Don’t fall for the temptive seductress known as Callaway! It’s trying to
lure you in, then it will start misbehaving! Stay with the Srixon. It’s
been the best all around driver you’ve hit. What a great series of
reviews. Hope you have him trying fairways next.

Pujitha Fernando says:

Yes, it’s the club that’s temperamental Rob.

Re: “weight”, just because a club has weight ports doesn’t mean it’s
heavier. 815 swing weight with speeder is D3. Static weight including shaft
is within grams of all the other manufacturers.

In comparison, the Srixon 545 swing weight is D5.

A lot of people watch these videos and hang onto every word that you say so
please keep this in mind. And perhaps next time stop yourself from saying
things just to hear the sound of your own voice.

Rick: in each of these “mid capper” videos you stress the importance of
getting fit. It’s time to get rob in the hands of an INDEPENDENT fitter to
actually demonstrate your point.

theMANxGOLFER says:

I thought the 815 felt better than the XR Pro. Rick you might want to start
posting clubhead weight on these adjustable drivers and possibly swing
weight of the stock offering. Rob may think this felt heavy because the XR
Pro is made for those who need a low swing weight option to generate
clubhead speed while the very next club tested was made at a more standard
swing weight (2 different categories in the Callaway range, just saying).
Also the debating on business practices and number of clubs released clouds
the review of this individual club. Just because you know the resale value
of Callaway and TM will be nothing a couple months from now shouldn’t
effect a performance review. I recommend you and Rob make a separate video
about business practices rather than waste time when trying to acquire
detailed information on a single club’s performance. Just a recommendation
no big deal, but I’d rather have the focus be on why it took 9 shots to get
4 good ones.

TimS says:

Try the much lighter 10.5 ° V Series Rob…

Northampton Cicket says:

I wish he’d get custom fitted for some trousers.

Coochicoo says:

Have enjoyed these driver reviews. Really tempted to get the Nike Vapor
Speed now.

James Littler says:

Rob comes up with some quality reviews and this one had me chuckling!
Would be nice to see Rob reviewing some actual balls. Great stuff. 

CraigyDe says:

Rick & Rob..

I’ve watched all the reviews on the clubs with Rob.

I also play off 13 but Is what i don’t understand is why you go for
distance over accuracy?

Surely accuracy should come 1st over distance with any club, not just the

davemucky says:

Fair play rob tell it the way it is for you , no crap to keep the
manufacturers happy 

Cornwall1888 says:

You can see Rick thinking ‘stop talking rubbish and hit the ball’.

He even tries to give hints to rob that he wants him to get on with it but
they just go right over his head lol.

I hope we see rob’s single handicapper reviews in a few months.

Iain M says:

So will you be swapping to a srixon driver Rob???

Dave Parry says:

I tried this driver myself & loved it felt like a rocket going off the
face. Best driver i have ever owned.Didn’t suit you Rob you seemed to be
giving it negs before you even hit it. Disagreed with your bizarre comment
re weight & fatigue in hot weather also! Less talking more hitting next
time mate.

benjo33682 says:

Is the gravity core not having a factor? Maybe if the weight was in the top
it would be more stable and forgiving? I know you didn’t hit the Nike vapor
pro because it was aimed at the better player, Doesn’t this Driver fit in
that category? Great reviews as ever Dobby! 

xShadowWolfe says:

over 3 minutes of Rob rambling on and on and on…..and on

Gabriel Serna says:

Rob’s comments about the club feeling heavy just points to another reason
why custom fitting is so important. I personally hate the trend of lighter
driver shafts that are longer than 45″ seeing that most pros play around
44.5″ and a much heavier shaft than the 50-60 gram ones in a lot of the
game improvement drivers on the market.

The trend I do like is adjustable necks and smaller 430cc-440cc heads as an
option instead of only a “pro” model with tons of weights and settings
available and a super game improvement model with a draw bias.

I like the idea that the average golfer can get a club that looks good to
them with a decedent amount of shaft options and adjustments for fitting
without having to special order upsell options jsut to get a option that is
playable for you.

Stompy77 says:

Hey Rob, do you have an opinion on strong 3-woods? Like the Callaway 3Deep
series, PIng Rapture, Titleist 915fD 13.5? 

Will Charter says:

Rick and Rob, could you arrange to do a Rob’s top irons, hybrids and woods
please? Love the top irons/drivers for 2015 but would be interested in
Rob’s opinion as a mid-handicapper. I guess a summary of all of this

That 4 ball offer is still on the cards btw gents 🙂 cheers! 

Martin Hames says:

Please just hit some shots…..

Paul Wrigley says:

Rob, don’t forget some swing thoughts during your reviews. Watch the video
again and you will see that on the poor shots you hit you failed to
complete your back swing, a messy transition on each of them.

Jim Sulima says:

Do a video on which one your picking and why 

Martin goddard says:

Could you explain why you are always in stiff shafts . When I have around
the same swing speeds and after being fitted buy Callaway, mizuno and ping
I always get put in reg for more distance . Great videos though 

tungstentickler says:

All the scaffolding and bolts on the bottom are flashy shelf appeal to
attract the equipment whores amd extract them of their cash. I agree with
adjustability it lets the club be set up and bought on the day but it could
be done a lot less I your face

Richard Brooks says:

start again!!

MardyBum100291 says:

I too found the same as you Rob (14 HC), found it very dull, no feel and
blah. But it did perform stats wise well. I couldn’t buy it though, it was
so horrible.

On a side not why a stiff? Can’t you to 9.5 degrees and regular shaft as he
doesn’t swing it quick? 

99johnmatrix says:

Can you try the bridgestone j815, it’s incredible…

Michael Kankaew Josefsson says:

Great review, honest and factual reviews without favour a manufacturer
Maybe a idea to do, Why not make a course vlog together with Rob where you
Rick talk about game strategy and everything else that can help a player in
his or her game.

JZORD1527 says:

Any plans to do either fairway woods or hybrid club testing with Rob in the
future? Really enjoying the honest opinion reviews with all the figures
available to see. 

metamurph says:

only thing I would say here is you start out with don’t just buy it off the
shelf…you have to be fitted…could be that you are just not fit for it
how it is set. It is interesting in that both GolfWrx and GolfSpy have
ended up with this being a leader in length and forgiveness but what it
helps illustrate is the other elements that go in to feeling comfortable
with a club in spite of how it performs.

Strat TelePaul says:

I agree with Rob on the weight thing. That’s why I like my Jetspeed. I
swing it just as well on 18 as I did on 1. I also notice on these that the
toe is way up in the air at address. Perhaps Rob might do better with a
shorter driver. A lot of pros have theirs cut down in the 44-45″ range and
do not seem to suffer a loss in distance.

penguinbmx says:

All that talking and can barely carry it 225. I don’t get it.

Joseph Bernal says:

Well this is the driver I was playing for about a month really loved the
way the head looked at address and I added a 70 gram black Aldila shaft.
Then came the ping G30 LS hit it on the range took it out to the course and
haven’t taken it out of the bag had to trade in the callaway for a XR
hybrid . 

stephen steward says:

Rick/rob any chance you can review the new budget callaway x series driver
just released. Ta

Alejandro Somoza says:

So, i really liked the way Sirious Black didn’t go for it and simply not
accepted it because its a callaway. Wasn’t the shaft to long for Rob? it
seemed so … great vid and review as usual.

Silvio Rodrigues says:

Tom Henman says:

To me this shows how much things vary for different players. I needed and
like the heavier feel and did far better with the BBA DBD and BBA than the
XR or XR Pro and even with the DBD I needed a heavier shaft. Callaway may
have so many drivers trying to cover a broader spectrum of players. Anyway
always nice to hear an honest review. 🙂 I do wonder what results would be
like with the same shaft in all the clubs tested.

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