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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre has a competiton between the CALLAWAY BIG BERTHA Vs TAYLORMADE SLDR Drivers to see which is longest on avergae using the GC2 launch monitor. See which of the CALLAWAY BIG BERTHA or the TAYLORMADE SLDR will help you maximize your distance and help you hit the golf ball longest.

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Rick Shiels PGA says:


Pax217man says:

Do you think they released the SLDR driver too soon? Because the R1 came
out a few months ago and it seems that the R1 is much more controllable
with the dual weight design inside of the single weight. I only ask because
I was at my local golf store and saw 50+ used SLDRs which are running
around $150 and $190 brand new when only a year ago they were about $350. I
guess my real question is since I can get an SLDR fairly cheap now would it
be worth it?

Brandon Sweeney says:

While the numbers I’m sure don’t lie, I’ve watched this video a couple
times and it seems to me that you are actually putting more effort into
hitting the SLDR. I could be wrong but that’s what it looked to me.

James Thompson says:

Nice review. Have had the SLDR for about 3 months, 13 handicap, average
about 250-260 on drives and just can’t keep it on the course consistently.
When hit well, she goes for miles but when hit off center she goes for
miles out of bounds. I switched to the Big Bertha and so much more
forgiving for us higher handicappers and found many more fairways. Also I
didn’t give up any noticeable distance that I could measure and the ball
flight with Callaway was much more traditional which I liked (10.5 in the
SLDR and 9.5 in Big Bertha look about the same height). Golf Magazine also
ranks the Big Bertha as a “game improvement” club and not the SLDR. Their
choice in that category is the Taylormade JetSpeed, not the SLDR. The
Callaway X2 Hot got the nod for “max” game improvement club. Just thought
I’d pass along my observations.

Tyler Orr says:

taylormade goes through more drivers then a teeanage girl does boyfriends

Adrian Meier says:

You have much more backspin with the bertha thats why its not possible to
bet the taylor made!

patrick C says:

Longer carry, deeper into the woods, nice. Dispersion is key.

jpracingph says:

They have different shafts.

golfninja says:

Great stuff, really interesting, thanks, would expect the SLDR to win, but
boy did it !!! 168 mph ball speed 🙂 Seems TaylorMade launch numbers
looking more & more that there’s indeed something in it. High launch, low
spin is king. Looking forward to see it up against the i25!

Lee Hughes says:

I used to have the sldr but dispersal was erratic anything to 50 yards
plus. I have swopped to the big bertha and it is a lot straighter and
tighter dispersal 10 to 15 yards for me now. Don’t get me wrong sldr was
longer distance by about 10 to 20 yards but I would sacrifice that distance
increase any day of the week to keep it on the fairway for an easier second
shot. As to me distance isn’t everything keeping it straight is.

Jan-Pierre Vidizzon says:

Thanks for all your reviews Rick, they’re excellent and about as fair as
you can make them without taking the environmental factors into account. I
like the fact you are testing in stock form with no aftermarket shaft
tweaking. Just “OTR”. Like others have said, keep doing your reviews and
shootouts with drivers/fw/hybrids/irons. At the end, I’d like to see a “TOP
3” list from you for each category (your favorites). Looks like BBa, SLDR,
and i25 are the top big dogs for 2014 so far. Thanks again!

Simon Hjelm says:

I’m getting the SLDR soon along with Tour preferred irons :D

Sam Mellor PGA says:

Rick is pretty straight don’t worry bout that! It’s how the SLDR is set up
not Rick, TM have brought the COG of the club so far forward that is almost
impossible to keep this beast straight unless u strike it as good as a tour
player. Have u noticed most amateurs hit the SLDR everywhere? Or have got
rid of it? U have to hit this so much out of the middle as it is not
forgiving at all. Remember yeah it’s great having all that distance but not
so great being in the deep rough all day! : ) 

danielburris2473 says:

Anybody else have to loft up on the big bertha? I just got mine and was
playing 910d2 9.5 and had to loft up to 11 degree on big bertha

eugenecod says:


Klein Le says:

imagine what the numbers of the SLDR would be if he lofted up!!!

danielburris2473 says:

Anybody else have to loft up on the big bertha? I just got mine and was
playing 910d2 9.5 and had to loft up to 11 degree on big bertha

eddie brown says:

Hitting on a wide open driving range is one thing, aiming down a 30-40 yard
fairway with trouble on both sides is totally another….lol

Sgt Pepper says:

So now the i25 is out the bag & the sldr is in?lol throw CT 2.0 into some
of these head to heads as well

Alex Malone says:

There is a huge difference in spin numbers between the SLDR and the Big

MacClellandMan says:

SLDR is winning the distance challenge in all head to head reviews I’ve
found of 2014 drivers. Slower to faster swing speeds, too. What is Callaway
going to do with their $500US BB Alpha not winning on distance or accuracy?
How far will brand loyalty take them?

jkee1718 says:

I don’t know if you follow mark cross field but he recently did a loft up
review with the SLDR and it got a lot of ppl talkin and ya name got thrown
into the discussion saying that your gc2 numbers are false smh they hatin
on you rick lmao that means your doin something good

grumpy2159 says:

It might have been the longest but it was also the widest. 53.9 yds
dispersion! Come on rick, straighten up a bit.

jimk12 says:

Good work Rick

Cullan Harquail says:

The deviation of backspin on the Big Bertha shots is nearly 1000rpms and
the deviation for the SLDR is barely 400rpms. Do you feel as though the
SLDR is easier to hit or would you chalk some of this up to be just mild
swing error?

Deviation percentages aside; looking at your best Callaway strike and the
two better TaylorMade strikes it does seem like under ideal impact
conditions of low 2000rpms you’re getting a solid 10-15 yards more out of
the SLDR. Significant enough difference because it’s about 5% more than the
Callaway which is enough to point to technological advancement rather than
natural deviation from the mean.

Anyway, just started to watch a lot of your videos recently. Love your
opinion and I look forward to more videos in the future. If it’s at all
possible though, it would be nice to see you hit a few more balls in these
videos to better account for natural deviations in your calculated
averages. Plus it’s always fun to see these new drivers in action a bit
more anyway 😉


Kenneth Viig Hansen says:

Damn …. I’m really looking to that SLDR vs i25 vid. Truly amazed at your
findings these past couple of days. Maybe even tempted enough to switch my
trusted 913D3?!?

Darryl Gwalter says:

Hey Rick, for fun, have you thought of testing out the Hammer X
non-conforming driver? I’m curious about how much of a gimmick it is.

Philip Nye says:

Your comparisons are awful, the callaway is specked up completely wrong for
you compared to the sldr and you only consider carry, you are the reason
taylormade does all of their marketing bullshit

TheFoundersWereRight says:

I am wondering if the shallower face of the Callaway made centering the
hits in the middle of the face harder, leading to the shorter distances
compared to the Taylor made.

My question would be how do they compare when a ball is tee’d up properly
for each driver’s optimum position instead of a single comparison height
that may favor one or the other.

redlinejcw says:

Love these head to head videos. Keep em coming.

Mahavishnu80 says:

Really hope you finalise this comp and the irons one too. Do one for
fairway woods and hybrids.

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