Callaway Drivers Comparison | Epic Max vs Big Bertha B21 vs Mavrik Max

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Callaway drivers have long been among the best in the industry, delivering explosive distance and reliable forgiveness through unique innovations and construction methods. Over the past few years, Artificial Intelligence has been implemented into the construction of Callaway drivers to further enhance performance.

In this video, 2nd Swing master fitters Thomas Campbell and Jackie Johnson test the most forgiving Callaway drivers over the past couple of years, including the new Epic Max, the Big Bertha B21, and the Mavrik Max.

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goeatbox1 says:

Another great video. Keep up the great work.

W M says:

What shaft are you using?

KiDD ViDD says:

This is a pretty invalid review considering these drivers are made for ppl with over a 75mph swing speed.

James Choi says:

Could you please confirm which shaft flex she was using in this testing? Thank you

Darren bell says:

Thomas can i ask I've just got the rogue st draw and find it too draw biased even though i have a fade. Would you say the b21 would not be as draw biased as i do fancy trying the b21 to be honest

Jack Warren says:

B21 looks like the clear winner in this test.Also using this young lady is a good idea because her swing speed is more like most men 60 to 70 years old

slave0102 says:

Sorry. Not a great review. If u can’t describe what you’re feeling, you shouldn’t be giving a review.

Ashraf Shukry says:

just bought mavrick max 10.5 with stock Stiff shaft . Went to the range last night , first 2 shots was okay with slower swing . Tried to go up a notch , ball never went straight again . Its probably the shaft ? can anyone explain ? been using F9 with Hazardous shaft , stiff 60g .

NFiltr8Red says:

I have access to all three, own Epic Max and I’m gonna say the B21 is a better driver. More forgiving and crushed balls 25-50 yard farther.

Ted Inoue says:

One club line that is often overlooked is the Callaway STAR line. It's sold as lightweight for seniors and low speed swinger which makes it a niche product. But I've found that they're the best investment I've ever made in golf equipment. The older Epic Flash Star driver adds 20yds over my previous Mavrik with similar specs. I loaned it to a buddy and he found the same thing. The things are amazing. I like it so much that I got a full range of Epic Flash Star fairway woods. I'd love to see her try out those clubs for comparison since her club speeds matches or exceeds most of us amateurs.

Wumba 1 says:

What shaft and flex was used for each?

Tom Gerste says:

Please hit each one enough times to get equal smash factors and club head speeds and then compare the results. All this shows is the swing/contact was different for each.

Tywithay says:

B21 is the most slept on driver on the market. Sounds amazing and flat out performs.

Russell Mills says:

Good video. Would have been more interesting if you had heel weighted the max, as I'm assuming most people watching this have a slice issue

Tom Chase says:

What shafts and flex were used in these tests. Excellent review!

JZM says:

Yeeeesssss! Another awesome video. Quick ? what length shaft does Jackie use on the driver??

Josh Lynch says:

Wow you guys really have stepped up the youtube game in the past month… It's looking great!

Falcon Eye says:

Ok, I am 60 and have been golfing for 50+ years
I used the same Irons I purchased back in 1980 for 40 years
but I have been through an uncountable number of Drivers and Woods
So I purchased and some that were given to me

At this time I use a TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2
but it feels a bit short and I feel like I loss club head speed due to it
It is however very easy to hit and to hit the fairways with

I did just replace my Irons with the Corba FMax Airspeed (Blue inset)
and got a set that included the 4 and 5 Hybrids for $700 (New)
I picked them over the RadSpeed ones as I do have a budget to my game

To better understand my new clubs distance and my swing speed I just ordered
the Swing Caddie SC100 Golf Launch Monitor
I can not afford the Sky system

Thank you for this video and I will be testing the B21 at the local Sports Store


zero to hero says:

Great video. You 2 are both awsome players 🙂

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