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Simon Whitehead says:

Hi Rick, long time watcher, first time poster. Given they are so close how do they "feel" and "sound"? I know this is subjective but this is what swayed me when i bought my rsi1's (which btw have been fantastic).
Also, how about a small video explaning spin/loft etc (apologies if there's already one, i couldnt find it), be useful to know what a pro thinks it should be as even though i hit it high i still have trouble stopping my irons.

Jeff Smith says:

Taylor made looks best and think its cheaper

guido metzler says:

Please, what is the different feel by hitting the irons? Can you told me?

gustustus says:

At 7:01 there are only 4 shots on right side for M2, did you leave something out?

Wayno B says:

Rick, I would love to see the Ping G irons compared in this test. The 7 iron from the Ping G irons is 30.5 degrees so very close to the Epic iron.

Rodney Nicotine says:

Diggin' this music I could golf to this shit LOL

Nicholas Johnson says:

The lowest lofted clubs go further shocker. Tune in next week to find out what bears do in the woods…..

Michael Ridge says:

Will the m2 irons be good for a 19 handicapper.

Camera & Photo says:

Spend $3K ($AUD) on lessons and use the clubs you've got! The Epic irons are $350 Aussie dollars each. Don't be that guy…

Bailey Wilson says:

Rick can u get rob potter to do some more reviews

Mario Rodriguez says:

It looks like the dispersion of the M2 is better. Isn’t it?

Ed Mc says:

The Steelhead XR would be a good test against both of these.

JJ Golf says:

Hi guys check out my golf YouTube channel !

Gregory Fitzgerald says:

On an attractiveness scale, I'd say even. What I'm confused with is that if these clubs are for higher handicappers, that play lower spinning balls, how is anyone ever going to hit a green and not roll off?

Barney Coxon says:

do a bushnell give away i really need one

Mike Sherman says:

You're a robot bro haha

MeatEater says:

Both clubs are ridiculous. I'm a horrible 30 handicapper and was really dreaming of getting the M2, but now I think I'm going to save the money, pay for some lessons, and buy a used set of mid/low handicapper irons once I develop a consistent swing with decent mechanics!

Sam Casey says:

Who wants a 7 iron that runs out so much?

Ryan Lawrence says:

put the m2 against the Wilson staff d300.. great review…

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