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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre tests the latest CALLAWAY GOLF X2 HOT IRONs with GC2 launch monitor technology at Trafford Golf Centre in Manchester. Will these golf clubs be your answer to more distance and forgiveness. Rick predicts these could be the longest irons of 2014


  1. Rick I cannot stop watching this review video of the x2hot irons. Your
    response to the first shot is genuine. I’m leaning towards getting these
    irons. Thanks for the time you commit to these reviews. 

  2. I play currently off 17.2 , ive just purchased these Callaways and after
    the review, im looking forward to my handicap coming down. Great video,
    easy listening,I will subscribe.

  3. I’m playing off 18 and was 24 at the start of the summer. I could use extra
    yards so would these be good for my game? In the market for new irons!

  4. X2 stuff is really good. My MP4 7i carries 180yds unless I mishit, then
    it’s 170. I’m trying to get the X2 2 deep 12.5 (big improvement from X hot
    3 deep), but can’t find the x-stiff. Then my 9i carries 155-160 yds.
    Callaway is making a lot of good stuff in the last 2 years. I put the Razr
    440 cc Xtreme with Ahina X in my bag and consistantly drive 290-305 yds
    with a few 330 yds. Finally, I got rid of my 460 cc i15! 

  5. Just ordered these after a fitting with my golf instructor. Can’t wait. I
    was hitting them about 10 yds further than normal. Thanks for your review

  6. These are great. But my Razr Blacks may be my loyal last Callaways. The
    Callaway and TaylorMade lofts are now ridiculous. 5 iron 23 degrees! It’s
    nice to delude yourself with more distance but the short iron loft gaps are
    getting stretched. And new irons won’t fit in with existing hybrids. Soon
    a “set” of irons will be 5 clubs (6 to PW), and you’ll need 2 hybrids
    and/or 4 wedges.

  7. I tried the X2 Hot 7 iron just after they came out and I was impressed.
    Even with slightly off centre hits, I was liking the way it flew and that
    was with a club not fitted to me. I am currently saving up for a set of
    irons to replace my X12s and these are right at the top if the list. Thanks
    for the review and i will be subscribing to you as i like the way you
    review clubs over some tf the others on youtube. Keep up the good work.

  8. I suffered from a similar problem when I tested the Mizuno EZ irons. Every
    so often I would nail one right out of the middle and it would go a good 10
    yards further then most of the other hits. To me hitting one 10 yards
    further is just as bad as hitting one 10 yards shorter than expected so the
    increased distance thing just isn’t that important if its not consistent.

  9. +Rick Shiels 190 – 7i carry makes you think twice for sure. But wonder if
    constant distance control would be a bit of a problem seems for a better
    player with good SS? Hit pure it goes miles, slightly miss centre and
    you’ve got 10 yards difference, could be difficult to predict hole high
    shots or flying the green altogether perhaps?

  10. I am glad you tested these out, I just bought the whole X2 hot series
    hybrid/fairway/irons/driver. I am interested to see what you think of the
    other X2 hot clubs as well. I hit my 7 iron with these X2 hot series a good
    15 yards past my normal 7 on a good strike. So the hard thing for me now is
    getting the distances down properly, especially hitting the irons off a

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