Callaway Rogue ST Hybrids are unreal! tested by Average Golfer

The Average golfer tests the new Callaway Rogue Max hybrid and is shocked by how good this club performs. One of the most forgiving golf clubs ever tested.

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27 thoughts on “Callaway Rogue ST Hybrids are unreal! tested by Average Golfer

  1. 4 iron most reliable because I can use it almost anywhere on the course. Tee,Fairway,punch shots, bump and run around the greens and can work it draw or fades. I am a 5.2 handicap btw. Cheers ????

  2. Love the channel, but those numbers don't add up, 216 carry is my 5 wood numbers at 96 mph with cally rougue.. No way is 86 mph getting that.. Maybe monitor is skewed

  3. Andy is dead on about this club. It’s unreal. Fairway metal distance with a shorter shaft. Unbelievable forgiveness. A huge boost to the long game.

  4. My goto club is an off the shelf Benross Aero X 24 degree hybrid 4. Cost £89. I can belt it over 200 yards in a straight line. It's great out of heavy rough, off the fairway and off the tee.

  5. The callaway rogue st max 7 wood, is the best club I have put in my bag In a while. Longer, higher and straighter. Pretty much says it all. Just jumps off the club. Love how it sits, great sound and great looks!

  6. Rogue ST max hybrid 4 gone in bag. Massive congrats on the channel by the way. How far you’ve come since the beginning. Great reviews

  7. How would you rank the Callaway Rogue ST to the Cleveland Launcher Halo hybrids when it comes to forgiveness. I am leaning toward the Cleveland due to the rail system on the bottom, but would like to hear your opinion since I know you have tried both.

  8. Just sold my stealth hybrid and fairway after trying and buying the Callaway rogue max. These clubs are chalk and cheese – the rogue goes further, straighter and a more penetrating flight too…….

  9. Gone mad, just bought the driver, three wood and four rescue, out tomorrow to try them out, driver not here yet though. Don’t tell the wife!

  10. Got fit for new fairway woods recently and while the 5 wood was G425 Max all day long it was reversed with the hybrids. The Rogue ST Max 4H was so much nicer to hit than the G425 hybrid.

    Not at all what I was expecting going into the fitting process.

  11. Thank you for this review. I saw another video where you had high praises for the Ping G425 Mas hybrid. For someone such as myself who has a hard time hitting hybrids, which would be easier to hit the Callaway Rogue ST hybrid of the Ping G425 Max hybrid?

  12. Put Poly Max Extremes on any cheap golf driver and BOOOM!! your driving longer and they are used by pros during practice. Get them on amazon & ebay it's cheaper than buying a new driver.

  13. Hi Andy great review, my go to club is a 6 Hybrid X Hot 28deg Callaway and use it from 120 to 150yds depending on conditions, I am a senior golfer 9hcp looking to update my 4 & 5 Rogue hybrids, noticed the new Rogues are 1deg stronger in lofts in the Max range would be worried if I can fly them high enough thinking that Ping’s might be a better fit because of their higher lofts (any thoughts) Andy, great to see you looking better Thanks, Dickey

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