Callaway Rogue X Irons Review: The most Aggressive Iron in Golf??

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Callaway Rogue X Irons Review: No apologies are being made for this super aggressive Game Improvement iron with one thing on their mind in designing the Rogue X, Lighter, Stronger and Longer.

These are very strong, very long and not quite as light as a feather but it does explode off the face!!

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ahoyahoy booth says:

ha ha great review theese clubs brought a smile to your face and you had fun hitting them thats what golf clubs should do. If i sell a child or kidney i would definitely buy them but ill have to stick to my macgregors from 2006…cup face hollow heads.12 years later they technology has come around again ? keep up the geat reviews.

Lyall Orange says:

Loving the reviews. Any chance you could do the new Titleist AP range. Cheers!

againstmywill23 says:

It was cool to see you truly get excited how well you hit these.

stephen haynal says:

Great review! I purchased these irons, their on the way, my swing speed at 59 yrs old is terrible slow in the low to mid 70's. My toughest distance is 150 believe it or not. I'm hoping these will make 150 consistent and easy everytime. I really need distance, hoping these are the answer. Thanks for the great review.

Mike B says:

25 degrees is the 4 iron loft in my Bombtech iron set. It is an 'old school' lofted set with the PW at 48 degrees. So really I'd be playing 2 clubs off with this set. So my 150 club would now be the PW in this Callaway set? Hilarious.

Brad Baldwin says:

Great video , honest assessment ?

James Ryan says:

I tested these today against my gamer, big bertha 2015. I have es14 launch monitor. So lots of data on my big bertha and in the stores launch monitor. Tested the 7 iron. My club head for a 7iron is about 72 normal swing. My BB's average about 138y. The X's averaged 150y with a long 161y (strong 7). The spin for both clubs 4600rpm launch angle about 18.5. Trajectories were very similar. The X was more forgiving than the extremely forgiving bb. Feel and sound about identical. About the same head shape. I also have a set of cf16 apex. 7 will go about 133y. A mishit on the apex was penalizing. So I went back to BB. I loved the X so much I bought a set. I got 5 iron distance out of a 7 iron with higher trajectory and increased spin. A winning combination

Archie Morgan says:

I appreciate the review and these seem very interesting. Question is, are they more or less forgiving than the JPX 900's? Thanks

George Smith says:

Just wait until next year when they want to make these feel softer. They'll put microscopic urethane balls inside those air bubbles that are inside the urethane 😉

Freddy Bigtoe says:

Curious that your spec sheet shows C8 swing weight and the Callaway website shows it's D0 or D1 depending on whether the shaft is graphite or steel.

Freddy Bigtoe says:

How many additional wedges are you going to need with these irons?

Adam Flynn says:

Looks the size of a ford fiesta at address….and the lofts are silly i don't understand the need for these irons ?

Brad Heaton says:

Thanks for the review. Short to long dispersion is way too high, and you are quite a good ball striker. The very strong lofts and extra length on these irons to try to maximise distance means the average golfer who is not so consistent with strike would likely see massive short to long dispersion issues. That is not what I would consider "forgiveness" for bad strikes. Not really suited to most golfers, but maybe for those with a combination of slow to very slow swing speeds, but consistent strike.

Carlos Melville says:

Great review, not loving manufacturers cranking up the lofts, doesn't make sense to me.


Hi Jay! Driving iron maybe? Instead of a hybrid, maybe those who don't like hybrids might use it.

David Malesky says:

That looked like a lot of fun!

grumpy2159 says:

Any chance of reviewing the new cobra 1 length hybrids?

Justin Stephenson says:

Great and very fair review – your explanation as to why you would not play them was interesting and I think probably the reason I chose a smaller headed iron when I bought a new set last year.

Any chance you could get someone older with a slower swing speed to test the Rogue W. Those sound as though they could be a good choice for my 80 yr old Dad

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