Callaway X2 Hot Deep Vs Adams Tight Lies FW Challenge

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sean craig says:

What is that gigantic blue ramp on the left side of the driving range?

Trevor Thompson says:

I have the Adams in a 16 degree and it made a huge difference to me in carry however spin did suffer a little

straight True says:

I noticed in this comparison your ball speed for the Callaway X2 hot was a full 4mph faster than the Adams. Looked like you were trying to hit it harder and the numbers show it. Since for every extra 1mph ball speed will produce average 2 more yards, these 2 clubs are a lot closer than you suggest.

sypen1 says:

Rick please please can u do a review x2 hot 2 deep at 12.5 loft. I want to know the difference in distance compared to the 3 deep.

Moritz Bünger says:

How stupid to reduce fairway woods to the distance they hit. I BET, that 80% of golfers would hit the Adams more consistently and, especially off the deck, also further as it is easier to elevate which is what most amateurs struggle with.

tigerbalm says:

I just hit the X2 3 deep 14.5 and it is a beast.  Long was 298 yds.  I was disappointed with my X 3 deep's crappy shaft.  The changes are huge with the X2!  The darker paint is much better, the shaft is far superior and is 73 grams!  The shaft color is way better looking.  It's like night and day!  The X2 is not only longer, but much more consistent.  Also note:  My 2013 X had a closed face while the X2 has a slightly open face-which makes more sense for a "pro" club!   The closed face on my X made me hook so much I want to break it in half and send it back to Callaway….

Chris Miller says:

Not a particularly fair comparison given the longer shaft. I have the 16* Tight Lies and the 15* X Hot 3deep and they're simply not comparable clubs. Adams is way more playable from fairway and rough than the 3deep. Distance is not everything.

Jack Dent says:

The tight lies is beautiful

scotty195823 says:

I have the Tight Lies 5 wood and it is one of the easiest 5 woods I have hit.  It is not especially long compared to others but it hits the ball high and lands soft.  Very good if you have about 210 into a smallish green.  I am 56 and not particularly strongly built so I feel 210 yards is fairly respectable. 

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