Callaway XR Driver Tested by 13 Handicapped Golfer

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Callaway XR Driver Tested by 13 Handicapped Golfer. Click here to watch the most popular videos in March 2015
Callaway XR Driver Tested by 13 Handicapped Golfer
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fullwerkes says:

I really do think the ball is teed up too high.

Carl Moore says:

I am enjoying these reviews by rob. Keep up the good work you guys. 

Michael Rolton says:

Look forward to reading, “…Tested by a single figure Handicap Golfer.”
Keep the reviews coming.

emac417 says:

Enjoy the reviews with Rob. Has Rob hit the callaway big bertha v series

Shot Shy Sheriff says:

Really didn’t get on with this in my trials. Just wasn’t for me, but irons
bloody lovely. Will now watch the video and see what the reaction is.

TheExalted.KingDubeyLubey says:

He may not hit it the longest but he more than makes up for that with how
straight he hits it. Nice work!

Christian Kappel says:

I got the xr and shorted the shaft to 45,5. Amazing club. Great stuff Rob!

Tony Rock says:

Definitely more accurate with that one. Great review 

James Shuford says:

The XR driver has a 46″ shaft. The Srixon Z545 has a 45″ shaft. The
faster swing speed is most likely due to the longer shaft, not the ‘speed
bumps’ on the crown. If you don’t like the speed bumps Rob, you should
check out the XR pro – similar club, with a more traditional looking crown.

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