Callaway XR PRO Irons Tested by 13 Handicapped Golfer

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Callaway XR PRO Irons Tested by 13 Handicapped Golfer
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Rick Shiels PGA says:

Callaway XR PRO Irons Tested by 13 Handicapped Golfer

See the results we get from the XR Pros! @CallawayGolf

Davide Ciccoritti says:

Great job as always Rob. I vote XR between these two. Seems like the extra
offset gives you confidence over the ball. Have you hit the Apex? I’m not a
Callaway fan but I hear they’re very good. 

Stephen Harte says:

First of all, many thanks to Rob for stepping up to the mark. Well done my

I don’t hit the ball a country mile, but hit it consistently. My irons are
a general strength as a 6 handicapper, although my mishits are low on the
face. I also have a steep angle of attack. I’m looking for forgiveness but
don’t understand the difference offset makes – any help gratefully

Cheers guys, really rate the reviews

danny worsdale golf says:

I actually think these would suit you better rob especially in the long
term as you continue improving. Quick question, is 13 the lowest you’ve got
down to or have you been lower? Keep it up!

paul hughes says:

If ha keep hitting it like that I’m sure your handicap will tumble into
single digits this season Rob. Great review again.

Michael Rolton says:

Rob – next time you play in a comp. imagine you are on the Trafford range
and you will smash your 13 h’cap.

Owen Watkins says:

Great stuff, Rob. Looks like you could happily play either the XRs or the
XR Pros – and if you prefer looking down on the non-pro version, then why
not go for that? Extra yards and (on test anyway) tighter dispersion. 

furryikleewok says:

I’d love to to follow rob on Twitter but I’ve been blocked apparently. No
idea why? Anyway love these test vids. Nice to see the results us more
human golfers get. Need to find someone in my area of Sheffield that uses
GC2 for lessons. I’d be more tempted to book some then to improve, if
anything to get my club distances. 

Dan Manley says:

Great work chaps. Loving these reviews with Rob. Keep them coming. As for
the clubs, get those Callaway XR’s in the bag fella, can’t argue with the
150 carry. Had the nicest ball flight too. Wouldn’t mind giving them a go

Alex Norton says:

Great work Rob. Surely you’ll be going for the stronger lofted xr’s.

I get far more from your testing as a real player as a pose to the golfing
robots like rick, Pete and especially the Hammer who seem to consistently
hit two clubs less than me.

I mean who hits a wedge 180yds?

Alejo Martin says:

nice review from rob, are you going to review the apex pro or apex

David Fletcher says:

Great test, keeping it real. Be interested to see Rob test the cobra fly z.
Callaway xr were the only irons I tested recently where I got over 100mph
ball speed. Really easy to launch even if the 7 iron is more like a 6 from
a few years ago. 

pdn260578 says:

Enjoyed this series of reviews. Thanks to Rob for his input, found it
interesting, these offer a better dispersion in terms of length than the
XRs and I would hope you give these some serious consideration, got a
feeling you are going to wind up with the XRs though….

Paul Ellis says:

Love your reviews, Rob. Thanks so much for doing them. I’d be curious to
see how the Callaway Apex compares to the XR Pro. I hope you’ll keep doing
these reviews in the future.

Brandon Ibold says:

I love robs reviews! Brutally honest, he never sugar coats anything and I
get the sense of a truly unbiased opinion from him. And I agree with the
other comments, if he keeps striking the ball the way he does on these vids
he’ll be single figures this year

Cheers guys on another great review 

Rob S says:

I’m still playing the x20 tours! Plan on upgrading to the Apex, as soon as
they become a little more affordable.

Sunny Hwang says:

Great reviews. Seems like the xr are better for you. Which one would you
game with?

Iain M says:

Hi guys. Would rob benefit from getting fit into a graphite shaft in his

Stephen Jordan says:

Great review. Just bought these myself and love the flight. Headed out
today to give them a go. Keep up the great work.

Andy On the Range says:

6 MPH ball speed difference between the Razr, and the XR Pro and the Razr a
7i surly the accounts for the difference? Would have thought a comparison
to his 6i would of made more sense?

Les Haffenden says:

Love Ya reviews rob, so which club would you choose? Taylormade rsi 1 or
callaway xr? Keep up the good work mate 

whogg0521 says:

Great job by both of you on all of this.

DoctorJedi says:

What shaft did you use? Thanks. 

ripyerballs says:

Rob with a swing like yours my friend single figures are just aroud the
corner just stay postive and in my humble opinion the short game is the
road to getting there, keep up the honest reviews for all off us middle
handicappers out there. Trying to get back to single figures myself Ha Ha

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