Camilo Villegas Golf Swing @ 2009 US PGA

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Brent Taylor says:

See, you don't have to have a long swing to have a powerful swing. I choose to have a shorter swing with all of my clubs and instead focus on accuracy and precision.


@93MrJustin I am not saying I am better than these guys obviously, but I work more on accuracy than distance. Some of those guys like Camilo Villegas are great players and hit the ball out of sight, but staying in play is what keeps scores down.

Justin Thong says:

@watertonrivers thanks for info

Brandon Newsome says:

Look at the swings of almost every other professional golfer nearly all of them have their right heel lifted

remmy100 says:

What an odd swing. Im actually more perplexed by this swing, than Jim Furyks.


@93MrJustin Here's why alot of amateurs and pros are not consistent despite their strength. Watch his right foot lift before impact…that spells trouble getting back to square. Don't believe it? Next time you go to the driving range, try to keep your right foot anchored through impact. If you practice that, you will hit it square much more often, assuming of course you swing is basically sound!!

Justin Thong says:

dont get me wrong i am not doubting camilo's ability as a player but his contact never seems to sound solid.

Roelf van der Merwe says:

He is so friggin hot!!!!!!!!!!!

Habloirlandes says:

@missingsolution being health conscious will only delay the onset of injury for Camilo. That action is going to cause a breakdown somewhere. With Tiger it was his left knee, with AK his left thumb. I'm not saying he won't have a great career, but he won't be playing golf at 45 if he keeps swinging like that. Look at the vid of Hogan you have on your profile, look at the fluidity in that swing (the later clips, post 48)and he was half mashed to bits but was well able to hit a ball into his 70's+.

Habloirlandes says:

I wonder how long his back will last with that action?

DonLduk says:

@idmunro thats camera's artifacts

themothmanreturns says:

@PaperStarBusiness he holds it for a long time though but dont need that much when you just lash the hell outa the ball.

JTBlapin says:


''a lot'' not- ''alot''

Teevo Rain says:

I do swing analysis almost every day at work…. I can tell you that this type of swing requires ALOT of strength, mobility and stability… That's a reason why so many people can't copy his swing… hence saying it's a bad one… ridiculous comments I read here…
Of course: '' it's not how, it's how many '' Yes… and next question I ask: '' for how long before you get injured? '' That's the point you reach when you say to someone who's swing is 'bad'. They're on the tour and you're not…

graykeller says:

this swing is spot on, shoulders square and he never takes his eyes off the ball

ben satterfield says:

camilo is a beast man who cares what anyone else thinks


@derekgbraun listen to your golf coach and not youtubers

derekgbraun says:

@cpr3584 Correct me if im wrong, but arnt short, controlled swings like that great for iron shots? My swing atm is just inches past parallel. Is that extremely bad? My golf coach said i shouldnt worry about it but feel like hes full of shit, lol.

petereuropa says:

Don't liste to me but…This guy has power. But do not copy this swing. I believe that this is a swing only for CV. 1st of all he does not keep the head still (ok to move it fowards after hitting the ball). 2nd He is not pointed to the ball when hitting the ball (parallell to the ball). Statistic: anyone know how many times he hit to the fairway from tee?

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